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Nutrition: No one size fits all (March)
By Tripti Vashisth

Effect of planting density and enhanced nutrition on grapefruit (March)
By Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi, Dinesh Phuyal, Davie Kadyampakeni and Kelly Morgan

Root hair enhancement with low phosphorus concentrations (March)
By Laura Waldo and Arnold Schumann

Critical leaf nutrient thresholds to diagnose deficiencies in HLB trees (April)
By Arnold Schumann, Laura Waldo, Tripti Vashisth, Alan Wright and Kelly Morgan

Soil and water pH play a key part in nutrition (April)
By Tripti Vashisth, Davie Kadyampakeni and Lushan Ghimire

What you need to know about citrus fertigation (October)
By Mongi Zekri, Davie Kadyampakeni, Tripti Vashisth, Kelly Morgan, Tom Obreza and Brian Boman

Artificial intelligence for detecting citrus pests, diseases and disorders (July)
By Arnold Schumann, Laura Waldo, William Holmes, Gary Test and Tim Ebert

Living with yellow dragon disease (March)

By Tripti Vashisth and Christopher Vincent

Foliar nutrition research update (March)
By Rhuanito S. Ferrarezi, Alan L. Wright, Kelly T. Morgan, Philip A. Stansly, Monica Ozores-Hampton and Robert Ebel

Monitoring tree health using water-uptake rate (July)
By Reza Ehsani, Azadeh Alizadeh and Davie Kadyampakeni

An update on UF/IFAS-grower citrus nutrition trials (May)
By Tripti Vashisth

Managing the health and productivity of HLB-affected groves (September)
By Tripti Vashisth

Growers needed for nutrition trials (January)
By Tripti Vashisth

Leaf tissue and soil sampling and testing (July)
By Mongi Zekri, Kelly Morgan, Tom Obreza and Arnold Schumann

Increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of nutritional programs (March)
By Mongi Zekri, Thomas Obreza and Arnold Schumann

Phosphorus, phosphate, phosphite explained (December)
By Arnold W. Schumann

Foliar nutrition for HLB (June)
By Timothy M. Spann, Arnold W. Schumann, Bob Rouse and Bob Ebel

Effects of mineral nutrition on health and performance of citrus trees (July)
By Arnold Schumann, Tim Spann, Tim Mann, Tom Obreza and Mongi Zekri

Citrus tree health and HLB incidence (April)
By Timothy M. Spann, Kirandeep Mann and Arnold W. Schumann

Potential use of DRIS for leaf nutrient diagnosis on Florida citrus (April) 
By Arnold Schumann

Tips for fine-tuning variable rate fertilization (March)
By H.K. Hostler and Arnold Schumann