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The Real Cost of HLB in Florida

"The real cultural cost to manage HLB is estimated at $663 per acre, which represents a 67% increase compared to pre-HLB levels. However, the real cultural cost of production per box increased by 283%”

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The Economics of Planting New Citrus Groves in Florida in the Era of HLB

“Despite the higher level of investment required for planting 220 and 303 trees per acre, our analysis shows that under the assumptions and scenarios we analyzed, those investments yield positive returns.”

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Crop Insurance Policies Available to Blueberry Growers in Florida

“WFRP might offer growers of high-value specialty crops a higher level of coverage for a premium that they might be willing to pay.”

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Growers’ Assessment on the Impact of Bactericides on Florida Citrus Groves

“Have individual growers experienced an increase in yields in their groves one year after starting the use of streptomycin and oxytetracycline?”

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Value of Bactericides

“Have streptomycin and oxytetracycline been effective from a biological standpoint after one year? And, if so, does their use make economic sense?”

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Managing Multiple Risks in a Citrus Farming Operation

“Risk management is concerned with reducing the possibility of unfavorable outcomes or, at least, lessening their negative effects.”

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Evolution of Citrus Disease Management Programs and Their Economic Implications: The Case of Florida's Citrus Industry

"since 2003/04, the cost of the foliar spray program alone increased by almost 260%"

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Summary of Three Incentive Programs Available to Florida Citrus Growers

"programs provide incentives for Florida citrus growers to establish or re-establish citrus groves, remove abandoned citrus acreage, and replant new citrus trees."

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Impact of Citrus Greening on Citrus Operations in Florida

"the current percentage of HLB-infected acres and HLB-infected trees in a citrus operation in Florida are 90% and 80%"

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What is the Economic Benefit of Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)?

"yields of blocks located in a best class CHMA were significantly higher compared to those located in a moderate class CHMA."

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Tree Assistance Program for Florida Citrus Greening

"In this example, the total TAP payment is $274.10 per acre."

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