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OPS Greenhouse Specialist

Title: OPS Greenhouse Specialist

Supervisor: Amit Levy

FTE/Salary: Hourly Rate of $14.00 per hour. Estimated at 24 hours per week


  • Will be responsible for setting up new plants, general maintaining and monitoring plants, and keep the greenhouse & cage room clean and organized. Duties include watering and fertigation plants, cleaning pots, planting new seeds, transferring seedlings from small pots to big pots, trimming, autoclaving, weeds and pests’ control, graft as needed, also monitor the temperatures in greenhouse on daily basis. If any change to plants occur, notify the team members immediately. Refill soil as needed.
  • Laboratory work will include recording data and keeping laboratory notes, and, at special cases, assisting in the processing of plant and insect samples. Work will also include autoclaving biowastes container and being involved in general lab maintenance.
  • High school diploma or equivalent are required. Hands on experience with various basic processes like planting, watering, trimming, grafting and greenhouse maintenance is an advantage. Working independently with minimal guidance, having a great attitude to get job done preciously and effectively.
  • Please send questions and signed OPS application to Dr. Amit Levy at