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Index of Contents:

| Dooryard | Exotic Diseases | Economics | Florida Agricultural Statitistics Service | Insects | Irrigation
Mechanical Harvesting | Miscellaneous | Nutrition | Pesticides | Post Harvest | Varieties | Weeds


C 377 Bacterial Citrus Canker
FC 70 Mycorrhizal Fungi
HS 798 A Guide to Citrus Disease Identification
PP 214 Field Identification of Citrus Canker Symptoms and Decontamination Procedures
PP 150 Melanose
PP 152 Alternaria Brown Spot
PP 153 Citrus Scab
PP 154 Greasy Spot
PP 156 Phytophthora Foot Rot and Root Rot
SP 155 Tristeza
SP 165 Postbloom Fruit Drop
PP 135 Black Spot
PP 275 Quick Reference Guide to Foliar Fungicides

Exotic Diseases

PP 148 Citrus Leprosis
PP 149 Citrus Tristeza Virus- Stem Pitting (CTV-SP)
PP 137 Citrus Variegated Chlorosis (CVC
PP 133 Huanglongbing (Citrus Greening)
PP 147 Sweet Orange Scab (SOS)
PP 150 Witches' Broom Disease of Lime (WBDL)

Dooryard /Homeowner

HS 23 Dooryard Fruit Varieties
HS 34 A Diagnosing Dooryard Citrus Problems
HS 57 Growing Fruit Crops
HS 85 Growing Citrus in the Dooryard
HS 86 Citrus Propagation
HS 876 Citrus Problems In The Home Landscape
HS 890 Your Florida Dooryard Citrus Guide - Common Pests, Diseases, and Disorders of Dooryard Citrus
PP 194 Homeowner Fact Sheet: Citrus Canker


FSHS Articles

1989 Economic Comparison of Southern and Northern Citrus Production in Florida
1991 Citrus Fruit Allocation: Decisions Between Fresh and Processed Markets
1995 An Analysis of How Planting Density and Rootstock Vigor Affect the Economic Performance of ‘Valencia' Trees
1996 Resetting and Replanting Options in Florida Citrus Groves and the Financial Consequences

FE 363 Comparative Marketing Costs for FCOJ from Florida and Sao Paulo
FE 364 Comparative Costs of Growing Citrus in Florida and Sao Paulo (Brazil) for the 2000-01 Season
Budgeting Costs and Returns for Central Florida Citrus Production – (Updated Annually)
Budgeting Costs and Returns for Indian River Citrus Production – (Updated Annually)
Budgeting Costs and Returns for Southwest Florida Citrus Production – (Updated Annually)


Citrus Summary - Preliminary (Sept.) – (Updated Annually)
Citrus Summary (Jan.) – (Updated Annually)
Commercial Citrus Tree Inventory - Preliminary (Sept.) – (Updated Bi-Annually)
Commercial Citrus Inventory (Dec.) – (Updated Bi-Annually)


C 359 Citrus Leafminer
C 1065 Citrus Root Weevils
ENY 226 Imported Fire Ants on Lawns and Turf
ENY 606 2004 Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide: Nematodes
ENY 645 Diaprepes Root Weevil: A Pest of Citrus, Ornamentals and Root Crops in Florida
HS 806 A Guide to Citrus Mite Identification
HS 817 A Guide to Scale Insect Identification
HS 868 A Guide to Soil Insect Pests Identification
HS 870 A Guide to Identification of Soft-bodied Citrus Insect Pests
HS 873 Ladybeetles as Biological Control Agents in Citrus
HS 893 Identification of Insect Pests
HS 1014 Field Diagnosis


B 249 Basic Irrigation Scheduling in Florida
B 250 Injection of Chemicals into Irrigation Systems: Rates, Volumes, and Injection Periods
B 251 Water Table Monitoring
B 276 Microirrigation in Florida: Systems, Acreage and Costs
C 444 Citrus Irrigation Management
C 661 A Guide for Plastic Tile Drainage in Florida Citrus Groves
C 671 Iron Ochre and Related Sludge Deposits in Subsurface Drain Lines
C 1039 Treating Irrigation Systems with Chlorine
C 1087 Irrigated Acreage in Florida
C 1412 Drainage Systems for Flatwoods Citrus in Florida
C 1420 Water Resources for Florida Citrus
AE 30 Irrigation Lateral Cost Per Acre
AE 57 Media Filters for Trickle Irrigation in Florida
AE 61 Screen Filters in Trickle Irrigation Systems
AE 66 Basic Irrigation Terminology
AE 156 Measuring Irrigation Water
FC 69 Microsprinkler Irrigation of Florida Citrus Cold Protection
FC 76 Cold Protection by Irrigation: Dew Point and Humidity Terminology
FC 81 Management of Microsprinkler Systems for Florida Citrus
WRC 4 Water Requirements for Citrus

Mechanical Harvesting

HS 974 Start Now to Design Citrus Groves for Mechanical Harvesting
HS 1017 Harvesting: From Manual to Mechanical
HS 1006 Continuous Canopy Shake Mechanical Harvesting Systems
HS 1005 Trunk Shaker Mechanical Harvesting Systems


C 1127 Citrus Fertilizer Management on Calcareous Soils
FC 79 Fertilization of Young Citrus Trees
HS 797 A Guide to Citrus Nutritional Deficiency and Toxicity Identification
SL 3 The Florida Fertilizer Label
SL 115 Citrus Grove Leaf Tissue and Soil Testing: Sampling, Analysis, and Interpretation
SL 185 Effects of P and K Fertilization on Young Citrus Tree Growth
SL 199 Prioritizing Citrus Nutrient Management Decisions
SL 200 Plant Nutrients for Citrus Trees
SL 201 Macronutrient Deficiencies in Citrus: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium
SL 202 Macronutrient Deficiencies in Citrus: Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur
SL 203 Micronutrient Deficiencies in Citrus: Boron, Copper, and Molybdenum
SL 204 Micronutrient Deficiencies in Citrus: Iron, Zinc, and Manganese


C 974 Managing Pesticides for Citrus Production and Water Quality Protection
C 1105 Agricultural Chemical Drift and Its Control
HS 851 Spray Applications to Citrus: Overview of Factors Influencing Spraying Efficacy and Off-target Deposition
PI 18 Proper Disposal of Pesticide Waste
SL 106 Polk County: Soil Ratings for Selecting Pesticides
PP 275 Quick Reference Guide to Foliar Fungicides


C 359 A Postharvest Decay Control Recommendations for Florida Citrus Fruit
C 372 Separation and Grading of Freeze-Damaged Citrus Fruits
C 410 Oil Spotting (Oleocellosis) of Citrus Fruit
C 443 Pallet Boxes for Florida Citrus
C 1170 Recommendations for Degreening Florida Fresh Citrus Fruits
HS 935 Chilling Injury of Grapefruit and its Control
HS 936 Stem-End Rind Breakdown of Citrus Fruit
HS 937 Blossom-End Clearing of Grapefruit

Preventing Foodborne Illness: Bacillus cereus and Bacillus anthracis
Preventing Foodborne Illness: Clostridium botulinum

Citrus Packinghouse Day Program – Current Year


FC 47 Key Lime
FC 83 The Navel Orange
HS 25 Sweet Orange
HS 35 The Grapefruit
HS 151 Rootstock Selection
HS 168 Sunburst Tangerine
HS 169 Dancy Tangerine
HS 171 Minneola Tangelo
HS 172 Lee Citrus Hybrid
HS 173 Fallglo Tangerine
HS 174 Murcott (Honey Tangerine)
HS 175 Orlando Tangelo
HS 176 Ambersweet Orange
HS 177 Nova Tangelo
HS 178 Robinson Tangerine
HS 179 Page Citrus Hybrid
HS 180 Osceola Citrus Hybrid
HS 181 Temple Tangor
HS 182 Pollination of Citrus Hybrids
HS 920 Early-Maturing Sweet Oranges: Research Update on Earlygold, Itaborai, Ruby,and Westin Sweet Oranges
HS 932 Considerations for Choosing the Right Rootstocks

Know Your Citrus – Leaf Chart


HS 896 Identification of Broadleaf Weeds in Citrus
HS 926 Identification of Vine Weeds in Florida Citrus
HS 955 Identification of Grass Weeds in Florida Citrus
HS 962 Identification of Sedge and Sedge-Like Weeds in Florida Citrus
Weed Control: An Economical Approach
Weed Control in Florida Citrus
Weed Control in Subtropical Conditions in Florida Citrus


AE 10 Greenhouse Ventilation
EES 47 Farm Tractor and Equipment Maintenance
EES 81 Energy for Florida Oranges
EES 82 Energy for Florida Grapefruit
HS 142 Citrus Reset Management
HS 144 Citrus Tree Pruning Principles and Practices

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