Citrus Canker

  • Canker was first introduced in Florida around 1912 from imported seedlings from Japan and declared eradicated in 1933

  • Second discovery in Florida in Manatee county (1986) and thought to be eradicated in 1994
  • Third introduction in Florida in urban Miami in 1995
  • Canker spread from Miami in 1995 to twenty-five counties throughout central and south Florida today
  • A statewide mandatory eradication with the 1,900 foot (579m) rule was implemented in 2000 after determining the original 125 foot (38.1m) rule was not effective
  • Quarantine areas were established when citrus canker was detected
    • Within a quarantine area, decontamination was required upon entering and exiting
  • Mandatory statewide decontamination procedures became required in April 2000
  • By March 2002, over 1.56 million commercial trees and almost 600,000 infected and exposed dooryard trees were removed or cut back
  • Tree removal of infected and exposed trees was delayed due to law suits in 2002 by homeowners in Broward county
  • The hurricanes of 2004-2005 increased the spread of canker

    • In 2003, sixteen counties had a history of canker, but by 2005 twenty-four counties were infected with canker

  • The first nursery with canker was found in May 2005
  • The mandatory eradication ended January 11, 2006
  • Currently, the removal of infected trees is voluntary
  • Decontamination procedures are still in effect statewide to prevent the spread of canker
  • The state of Florida is under quarantine and the movement of citrus fruit is prohibited to any citrus producing region


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