Citrus Canker 

Citrus Canker

Canker Update: Where is Canker now?
Jamie Yates

Citrus canker has been a serious problem since the last Florida outbreak began in 1995. Numerous residents lost their only tree while commercial growers continue to burn trees on a daily basis due to canker. If you have spoken to any citrus grower or caretaker in the last few months, you will realize that canker is still a threat and we are learning to live with it every day.

It is vital that the citrus industry and Florida residents work together to prevent further spread of citrus canker. It is not a job that can be done by one person or one company but everyone coming together. We must learn about citrus canker and apply basic preventative measures to protect the $9 billion dollar Florida citrus industry.

To see the most recent canker finds, please visit the Florida Division of Plant Industry website at:


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