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Citrus Health Management Areas

Hesperides CHMA News Archive

    12/11/12 A coordinated spray is planned for the month of January. The selected Mode of Action for this application is a Pyrethroid. This will be the second dormant spray for the CHMA. Please follow all label directions for the material that is chosen.

    10/29/12 The Mountain Lake/Dundee CHMA, Northeast Polk CHMA, and Hesperides CHMA will be conducting an Asian Citrus Psyllid control spray in beginning on November 1st. The Mountain Lake/Dundee spray will be conducted first, followed by Northeast Polk, and lastly Hesperides. The selected mode of action for this spray is a Pyrethroid. This will be the first dormant spray. A date for the second dormant spray will be determined towards the end of the year.

    5/30/12 A coordinated spray is planned for June 25th through July 6th using an organophosphate. Please remember to follow the label direction for the material that is chosen.

    8/14/11 – Discussion going on about the next regional spray effort for Hesperides.
    Most growers are in the middle of their second oil spray and are using an imidicloprid, or Actara material, with the nutritionals, coppers, and miticides. Were we have not sprayed yet, and are 1 month out from the July regional spray with an O.P. material we are scouting these blocks and the psyllid counts are still low, other than some hot areas that are usually located next to a grower who is not concerned with the psyllid populations this time of year.

    We are starting to see significant differences in the psyllid populations based on how well the areas are getting treated as a whole region. This is encouraging for the investments the growers are spending towards psyllid management.

    For this area east of Lake Wales, I am not aware of a coordinated effort for a regional spray to date. We do not have much acreage in this area, but are willing to work with any of our neighbors if they are interested in doing a regional spray.

    This being said, the discussion for this area is to go with another O.P. spray sometime in the middle of September. The PHI of 5 to 15 days should not be a problem at this time. Many growers are looking at using Dimethoate with an ULV application at night or by air in the day.

    As always, it is about the timing and the materials being used, and not as important about how it is done. But if we can get enough big areas together we can use the planes. Were growers have done this in the past, they are seeing longer intervals between the sprays without getting hammered with new psyllids.

    This application can be done for approximately $10.00 per acre.

    Further down the road we are looking at maybe one more spray in October/November, with a pyrethoid. If rust mites are not a problem and we can get in after the fall scattered flushes, then we might want to do another regional spray with the ULV machines and/or planes. This would be considered a dormant spray and IFAS feel that this one and the January dormant sprays are the most effective psyllid sprays of the year.