Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)

Citrus Health Management Areas

Kissimmee River Basin News Archive

    4/3/12 Most growers are in the process of their post bloom spray. Some are using insecticides with minimal PHI restrictions and some are not adding any insecticides for ACP due to low populations. The main focus with this application is delivery of nutrients which require a slower application speed.

    We had originally talked about a post bloom application however with harvesting activities in our area an Organophosphate application with extended PHI's would be very difficult if not impossible for all acreage to be sprayed in a two week period. Dr. Rogers has said many times that the two week window is critical for success in these coordinated sprays as well as covering the entire acreage.

    ACP populations in our area are increasing slightly but mainly in groves that have not been participating in coordinated spray efforts. The good news is with the spring flush hardening off the insects will not have any new flush to lay eggs on to start the next generation. The only exception to this will be young trees but if growers have applied Neonicotinoid soil drenches with young trees will not support nymphal stages.

    The next scheduled coordinated spray for our area will be early to mid-May 2012. I will be in contact with growers as we get closer as to specific dates. We will monitor ACP populations closely and we need to communicate with each other on what we are seeing. Looks like mode of action will be an Organophosphate.

    One of the main goals of coordinating these sprays is to possibly reduce the number of insecticide applications. I think we have been successful in that our numbers have remained low during the spring flush. I want to encourage all growers in the Central Highlands 17/27 CHMA to take part in this next coordinated spray. The next spray will be critical to suppress ACP populations prior to the summer flush.

    Post Bloom Spray: The next coordinated spray will probably occur in early May!

    11/8/11 – The first scheduled dormant spray for our area will be during the time frame of November 9, 2011 through November 22, 2011.
    Dr. Rogers has recommended a Pyrethroid for this application. The options Dr. Rogers has listed on the CHMA site are Danitol or Mustang. Mustang will be the preferred choice as most growers would like to use Danitol in the next dormant spray. We do have Dr. Roger's approval to go back to back with Pyrethroids during the dormant period because new ACP populations are not the target. Plan to make arrangements for this application. Dr. Rogers said that it is very important to have these sprays out in a two week window or we will fail in our effort to control Psyllids in a wide area. The full spray schedule for our CHMAs is posted on the CHMA webpage so we can all plan accordingly.

    Our ACP inspection numbers are still low as are most for our CHMAs. We need to encourage our neighbors who may not be participating to consider making these two dormant sprays so we will have very low numbers going into the spring flush period.

    The next spray is scheduled for the January or February 2012. We will try to combine our spray with our CHMA neighbors to the south and possibly the north. I will keep you posted.

    If any growers are interested the followings services are available.

    • Florida Grove Foggers ULV application 863-699-9850 or 863-441-1164
    • Ag Flying Service 334-898-7772
    • Sunniland Aircraft 863-467-7777
    • Lake Placid Caretakers 863-465-2821 or 863-441-5088
    • Psyllid inspection service PDM Scouting 863-257-3506
    • Oro-Agri 863-605-8533
    • Malcom Williams Vector Disease Control International 318-372-4073