Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)

Citrus Health Management Areas

Mountain Lake / Dundee CHMA News Archive

    8/29/14   We are fast approaching a scheduled CHMA spray in September.  We would like to get started the week of September 15th in the southern end of the CHMA and work our way north into Dundee and Haines City.  We will be using Imidan at 1 lb/acre, 10 gallons of water/acre, 2 ounces of Dynamic/acre and we will need to buffer the water down to  a pH of 5.5.  Total cost of this spray will be between $19-20/acre.  Re-Entry Interval for Imidan is 3 days, PHI is 7 days.

    Imidan is NOT labeled for Tangerines.  If you have any tangerine blocks please get with me and see if we can use an alternative product. 

    Please let me know, either way, if you would like to participate.  If you are participating please provide me with a block list as quick as you can.

    Contribution by Hunter Prescott - (863) 269-6073

    7/21/14 There will be a coordinated spray taking place in the Mountain Lake/Dundee CHMA beginning tomorrow Tuesday July 22nd and ending 1 week later. The selected Mode of Action for this spray will be an Organophosphate. There will be an option for aerial application, please contact Hunter Prescott (863-269-6073) if you would like to utilize the airplane.

    6/4/14 The Mountain Lake/Dundee CHMA members met Tuesday June 3rd to discuss the CHMA's performance and future activities. It was decided by the growers that the CHMA will conduct 5 coordinated sprays and the schedule of those sprays is as follows:

    Hunter Prescott will facilitate the specifics of each spray. If you would like to participate in the coordinated effort contact David Wheeler, Larry Black, or Hunter Prescott.

    The success of these coordinated sprays will be dependent on grower participation.


    5/30/14 The Mountain Lake/Dundee CHMA will have a meeting on Tuesday June 3rd. The meeting will be held at the Dundee CGA and will start at 3:00 pm. The meeting is open to all growers and industry professionals. If you need for information about the meeting contact Larry Black at

    The Dundee CGA is located at: 111 North 1st Street Dundee, Fl. 33838

    3/20/13 There will be a CHMA meeting held at the Dundee Community Center on 3/21/13. The Dundee Community Center is located at: 603 East Main Street, Dundee, Fl. 33838. The meeting will begin at 11:00 am.

    12/11/12 A coordinated spray is planned for the month of January. The selected Mode of Action for this application is a Pyrethroid. This will be the second dormant spray for the CHMA. Please follow all label directions for the material that is chosen.

    10/29/12 The Mountain Lake/Dundee CHMA, Northeast Polk CHMA, and Hesperides CHMA will be conducting an Asian Citrus Psyllid control spray in beginning on November 1st. The Mountain Lake/Dundee spray will be conducted first, followed by Northeast Polk, and lastly Hesperides. The selected mode of action for this spray is a Pyrethroid. This will be the first dormant spray. A date for the second dormant spray will be determined towards the end of the year.

    6/22/12 A coordinated spray is planned for The Mountain Lake / Dundee CHMA. The application will beginning on June 25th and continues through July 13th. The material to be used is an organophosphate. Please remember to follow the label direction for the material that is chosen.

    5/30/12 A coordinated spray is planned for June 25th through July 6th using an organophosphate. Please remember to follow the label direction for the material that is chosen.

    1/15/12 – The next coordinated psyllid spray is scheduled to begin the end of the week of January 9, 2012
    (Thursday or Friday) using a pyrethroid (i.e. Danitol or Mustang). If you are interested in participating in the application contact the CHMA coordinator.

    10/19/11 – The next coordinated psyllid control spray will begin on November 7, 2011.
    The type of material selected for this application will be a pyrethroid (Mustang or Danitol). If you have any questions about potential custom applicators for this coordinated spray contact the grower coordinator.


    6/29/11 – Next coordinated spray scheduled for July 5, 2011
    Mountain Lake/Dundee CHMA will be coordinating a psyllid control spray starting on July 5, 2011 using an organophosphate.