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    5/17/16 It's not the official NE Desoto Spray Plan but it shows a modification we're going to use at the Joshua Grove. Psyllid populations continue to reach historically high numbers. We thought the last spray would buy us some time and we'd be able to use just oil in May. Not a chance, the psyllids bounced right back, therefore, were going to fly on an Organophosphate (OP) in the next two weeks. We'll continue to run our ground rigs putting out other nutritionals and bactericides in areas. Hopefully, we can hold off the psyllids until we put Delegate out in June. Again, I want to stress this isn't the agreed upon CHMA plan but with the crazy weather we've had in the last year were trying to adapt to the circumstances. We want our neighbors to know we were going to apply an aerial spray in case they want to participate.

    Also, never hesitate to give us a call with any questions or if you would like to discuss this further. Please let us know if you have received this email and let us know what your plans are.



    Buddy Strickland