Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)

Citrus Health Management Areas

NE Polk CHMA News Archive

    12/11/12 A coordinated spray is planned for the month of January. The selected Mode of Action for this application is a Pyrethroid. This will be the second dormant spray for the CHMA. Please follow all label directions for the material that is chosen.

    10/29/12 The Mountain Lake/Dundee CHMA, Northeast Polk CHMA, and Hesperides CHMA will be conducting an Asian Citrus Psyllid control spray in beginning on November 1st. The Mountain Lake/Dundee spray will be conducted first, followed by Northeast Polk, and lastly Hesperides. The selected mode of action for this spray is a Pyrethroid. This will be the first dormant spray. A date for the second dormant spray will be determined towards the end of the year.

    6/29/11 – Next coordinated spray scheduled for the month of November 2011. NE Polk CHMA will be scheduling a coordinated psyllid control spray for the month of November 2011.