Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)

Citrus Health Management Areas

Central Lake / North Orange News Archive

    4/22/15 - The next round of CHMA applications are scheduled to begin next Monday, April 27, 2015 in the South Lake/West Orange CHMA and the Green Swamp CHMA.  Applications in the remainder of Lake and Orange, plus Seminole and Marion Counties are scheduled to begin one week later on Monday, May 3, 2015.

    The Mode of Action for this spray will be an Organophosphate.  There will be and option for aerial application.  If you want to utilize the helicopter please contact Grower Coordinator Rex Clonts,

    It is important to have as much participation in these coordinated applications as possible to continue the downward trends we have seen in many of the blocks being scouted in the CHMA psyllid monitoring program. 

    4/14/14   Our next coordinated spray will start in the South Lake/West Orange CHMA (includes the old Green Swamp CHMA) on April 28th – May 5th.

    For the North Lake CHMA (old Central Lake/ North Orange & North Lake/Marion CHMAs) spray target date is from May 5th – May 12th.

    Please pass the word around for everyone to use an Organophosphate if possible. The helicopter will be operating in the Conserve area spraying Malathion @ 2pts which costs about $8.00/acre.

    So far this year my grove has noticeably lower psyllid population so thanks to everyone who participated in January. I hope you are seeing similar low populations.

    This application comes at a time when most of us are spraying anyway and everyone is feeling the pinch of costs. I just want to emphasize that timing during the 8 day windows is critical to overall psyllid control in the months to come.  Growers who have applied an insecticide earlier, please consider re-spraying during the CHMA window to get the best bang for the buck.

    While controlling psyllids doesn’t guarantee your grove will survive greening….. failure to control psyllids does guarantee it won’t.

    Contribution by Rex Clonts

    1/27/14   The Central Lake/North Orange, South Lake/West Orange, and Green Swamp CHMAs are conducting a coordinated spray this week.  The selected Mode of Action for this spray is a Pyrethroid (Danitol or Mustang).  There are contractors in these CHMAs conducting ground sprays as a part of the coordinated spray.  Over the weekend over 1,300 acres were sprayed with a helicopter.  The success of this spray will depend on the amount of acreage that gets sprayed.  Contact Brandon Page ( or Rex Clonts ( if you would like further information about joining this coordinated spray and any other future spray.

    1/2/14 The South Lake/West Orange CHMA will conduct a coordinated spray from January 23rd through January 31st. The mode of action for this spray will be a Pyrethroid (Dantiol or Mustang).

    There will be a helicopter available to help aid the completion process of this spray. The helicopter will be applying Mustang at a rate of 2 gallons per acre. The helicopter will cost $10 per acre. If you would like to utilize the helicopter please contact Rex Clonts (

    All growers are strongly encouraged to participate in the coordinated spray. This method of psyllid control has proven to be the most effective but the success is determined by the amount of acreage participating in the coordinated effort. The more acres involved the better the results.

    5/8/13 The recommendation for coordinated psyllid management sprays is to apply an Organophosphate at starting May 1st – 18th. The next coordinated spray should take place from June 15th – 29th using a foliar Neonicotinoid and an Abamectin material. Please follow all label directions for any material that is used.

    These spray recommendations come from the Volusia CHMA Coordinated Spray plan. The Volusia CHMA is one of the top preforming CHMA's in the state and the spray plans in use there have proven to be very effective against psyllids.

    The complete coordinated spray schedule for Volusia can be viewed on the Volusia CHMA webpage, under the planned pesticide link.

    2/7/13 The South Lake/West Orange CHMA met today to discuss the course of action the CHMA will take to control Asian Citrus Psyllids. A coordinated spray plan was developed and has been posted to the planned pesticide application link on the South Lake/West Orange CHMA webpage. The next coordinated spray will take place in April; the mode of action for this application will be an Organophosphate. Growers can choose which Organophosphate they wish to use. Please follow all label instructions for the material that is chosen, paying close attention to PPE requirements, Re-entry intervals, and Pre-harvest intervals. For more information on the South Lake/West Orange CHMA, contact Multi-County Citrus Extension Agent Gary England, CHMA Assistant Brandon Page, and/or Grower Coordinator Glen Beck.

    9/5/12 A Central Florida CHMA meeting will be held tomorrow at the Lake County Ag Center in Tavares. The meeting will cover CHMA activity in the East Central Florida region. Presentation will be given by personal from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and The University of Florida. The meeting will begin at 9:30 am and will be held in the auditorium.

    The Lake County Ag Center is located at:
    1951 Woodlea Dr.
    Tavares, Fl. 32778

    2/1/12 - Discussion at the East Central Florida CHMA Roundtable today, February 1, 2011, reached a consensus that the following course of action is necessary in the various CHMAs in the region:

    • Application of a dormant spray of a pyrethroid insecticide as soon as possible to control overwintering psyllid populations in the citrus canopy is necessary.

    • Refer to Developing a CHMA Psyllid Management Plan at ( ) for commercial formulations of pyrethroid insecticides recommended for managing Asian citrus psyllid.

    • Always refer to pesticide labeling for all instructions, including pre-harvest interval, Restricted Entry Interval (REI), etc.

    The group at the CHMA meeting also determined that grower participation in the various CHMAs is vital in reaching the overall goal of reducing the populations of Asian citrus psyllids and thus slowing the potential of further HLB infection of commercial citrus plantings. To become active in your local CHMA, click on the Join the CHMA link at the bottom of the CHMA website that includes your citrus groves.

    1/5/11 – Important CHMA planning meeting Jan. 26 9:30-11AM.
    A planning meeting is scheduled for the Green Swamp and Central Lake / North Orange CHMAs.  The meeting will be held on January 26, 2011 from 9:30 AM till 11:00AM at the Lake County Extension Office.  All growers with groves in these defined CHMAs are encouraged to attend as plans are made for upcoming coordinated psyllid sprays for 2011.

    1/5/11 – Next coordinated psyllid spray planned for Jan 31 - Feb 14, 2011.

    The Central Lake / North Orange CHMA will conduct its first coordinated psyllid spray of 2011 beginning January 31 through February 14.  Growers are encouraged to use a pyrethroid insecticide for this application as part of the ongoing effort to manage pesticide resistance development in local psyllid populations.  The two currently available pyrethroid insecticides available for use in Florida citrus are Danitol (fenpropathrin) and Mustang (zeta-cypermethrin).  Growers can use any application method they choose (aerial, low-volume, speed sprayer). For additional information please contact Ben McLean (352) 267-4848.