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    3/30/16 April is nearly here and one of the most important psyllid sprays of the year is upon us. This is the first opportunity to control adult psyllids that developed on flush associated with bloom. An Organophosphate is recommended immediately post bloom. We are currently aiming to have a regional spray beginning around April 14th. I would highly encourage talking to your neighbors about this particular spray. I understand our schedules are different and I am open to discuss variations in the spray dates. All however are encouraged to spray together by any means necessary. There will be airplanes available to conduct this mass application. If interested in the aerial application contact the local pilot, Travis Mercer at 863-990-5186.

    For further planning and information feel free to contact myself. If you have any questions regarding chemicals and/or pricing please contact Chad Turner at 863-287-0953.

    V.C. Hollingsworth IV