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    11/14/11 First dormant spray could be scheduled for mid November with an organophosphates (OP) or pyrethroids.
    OPs have a long pre harvest interval (PHI) ranges from 7 to 21 days (Lorsban 21 days; Dimethoate 15 to 45 days; Malathion 7 days; Imidan 7 days) and may not be a good option as the PHI may impact harvesting schedules. Pyrethoids have a much shorter PHI of 12 hrs (Mustang) to 24 hrs for Danitol and may work around harvesting schedule much better than the OP. When using any pesticide, be sure to read the label and follow the directions. Labels between products with the same active ingredient may vary in regards to REI, PHI and/or amount to apply.

    Second dormant spray (Jan/Feb) is suggested to use a pyrethoid due to short PHI and they (pyrethoids) tend to work good in cool/cold situations and have a short PHI that would be very flexiable around harvesting operations.