Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)

Citrus Health Management Areas

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    9/12/16 After talking with several growers we have decided to give a tentative CHMA schedule for the next few months.  This way everyone can have an idea of what will be going on and be able to plan accordingly. These following dates are when we would ideally like to start and these are the materials we have in mind.

    September 14th- Dimethoate 16 oz/ac (REI-10 days; PHI- 15 days)
    $11.65/ac (Materials $5.15/ac, Application $6.50/ac)

    October 10th or 17th- Actara 5oz/ac (REI:12 Hours; PHI: 0 Days) or other options $21.45/acre (Materials $14.95; Application $6.50)

    November 14th- Baythroid 3.2 oz/AC (REI-12 hours; PHl- 0 Days) $10.83 per acre (Materials $4.33/ac, Application $6.50/ac)

    Like I said this is a tentative schedule and we would like to hear from everyone to know if we need to make any changes. 

    Please direct questions to Conner Davis and Keith Farr -