Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)

Citrus Health Management Areas

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    10/18/13 : The Volusia CHMA met to review the CHMA's performance and to plan for the upcoming dormant sprays. The increase in psyllid population was analyzed and the importance of coordinated psyllid control was discussed.

    The next coordinated spray is scheduled for November 8th – 22nd. The selected Mode of Action for this spray will be a Pyrethroid (Mustang or Danitol). The application method and any other product used during the coordinated spray will be determined by the individual grower.

    The date of the 2nd dormant spray has been changed to January 15th – 30th. This coordinated spray will utilize a Pyrethroid.

    As always please follow all label instructions for the material that is chosen, paying close attention to re-entry interval, pre-harvest interval, PPE requirements, and application rates. If you have any questions please contact grower coordinator Steve Crump.