Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide

Welcome to the Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide. This website has the latest information and the tools needed to make rootstock selections for citrus groves. The site is based on the well-known Rootstock Wheel (UF,1989), the last edition was published in 2006. Much has changed since then in the Florida citrus industry mostly due to the discovery and spread of the bacterial disease, Huanglongbing [HLB]. Rootstocks were not initially part of the discussion related to managing HLB, but that, too, has changed particularly given the accumulating evidence that trees on various rootstocks may differ in the incidence of the disease.

This website offers much information and several new tools to support the new guide. We have organized the site into three sections to help you get the most out of the resources here. Our Interactive Rootstock Table presents the same information as does the PDF version of the guide, with the exception that it is a searchable and sortable table to help you focus on the rootstocks of most interest. Second, our new query the 'Rootstock Selection Guide' section introduces an innovative system to deliever specific recommendations. Lastly, the Learn Section contains a searchable bibliography of references for each of the rootstocks in the table.

[Website contents current as of September, 2019]

Go To Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide

Explore all the rootstocks using our searchable and sortable rootstock table. (Note the horizontal scroll bar is located at the bottom of the table.) Click on the rootstocks to search related references.

Query The Rootstock Selection Guide

Our query system will ask you about your planting requirements, then provide a range of rootstock suggestions including ones that best match those requirements.

Search Rootstock Bibliography

Learn about the rootstocks from our extensive bibliography. References relating to each rootstock can be accessed by clicking on the rootstock name in the interactive table, or by making any entry, e.g., a rootstock name, in the search box at the top of any page.

Project sponsors

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This work is supported by the Citrus Research and Development Foundation Inc., CRDF project 18-13 and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA-NIFA-CDRE project 2018-70016-27453.

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