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    3/21/11 – Belay 50WDG labeled for psyllid control on nonbearing citrus
    A 24c (special local need) label has just been approved for the use of Belay 50WDG Insecticide on non-bearing Florida citrus. The active ingredient in this product is clothianidin, a neonicotinoid insecticide with pest control characteristics similar to imidacloprid (Admire) and thiamethoxam (Platinum). The use of this product at the current time is only permitted on non-bearing trees. Specifically, the label states "Do not apply within 1-year of harvest."

    Belay (clothianidin) can be applied as a soil drench as one would Admire or Platinum and provides similar levels of psyllid and leafminer control. The benefit of this product to the Florida citrus grower is that this will now allow an additional two soil-applied systemic applications (at the high rate of 6.4 oz /A) to young tree plantings providing additional protection of young trees beyond what can be achieved currently with imidacloprid (Admire) and thiamethoxam (Platinum). Depending on the tree age, growers now have the ability to provide year-long protection of young trees using soil-applied systemic insecticides which is important to help prevent young trees from becoming HLB infected prior to reaching bearing age.

    One important word of caution, because Belay (clothianidin), Admire (imidacloprid) and Platinum (thiamethoxam) all have the same mode of action, the potential for psyllids (and leafminer) developing resistance to all three of these products is increased if proper precautions are not taken. Between applications of any of these 3 products, it is recommended that growers apply a foliar insecticide spray with a different mode of action to young trees to minimize the likelihood for pesticide resistance development to this important group of insecticides. Further information on the use of these three neonicotinoids in a season long psyllid suppression program for young trees will be provided soon. Belay 50WDG is a product of Valent U.S.A. Corporation.

    Belay 50WDG Non-bearing citrus label

    10/18/10 – Movento re-registration announced
    Bayer CropSciences issued a press release today announcing that Movento sales for use in citrus will resume immediately. This follows a period when Movento sales were discontinued as a result of a procedural error made by EPA during the initial registration process for this product. As a result of the Movento re-registration process, it is expected that a few minor changes will be made to the new Movento label. Check back for more information regarding these changes once the new label has been issued. Click the following link to read the full press release issued by Bayer CropSciences: Movento re-registered for immediate use in citrus

8/16/10 – Temik to be cancelled for use in citrus
Announced today, Temik (aldicarb) use will be cancelled in citrus as well as many other crops on which Temik has been used. Florida growers can continue to use Temik in citrus until December 31, 2011. However, during this period no additional Temik will be manufactured for use in citrus. As a result, supplies may be limited during the 2010-2011 Temik application season so growers should make plans accordingly. Click the following link to read the full press release issued by Bayer CropSciences: Temik Cancellation in Citrus


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