Southeastern U.S. Cultivars


Note: None of the collections listed below are official germplasm repositories and, thus, should not be considered as resources for obtaining cuttings for personal or commercial use. However, see the contact information provided for details about the availability of plant materials.

UF/IFAS/Citrus Research and Education Center: Two collections have been established as part of the University of Florida project. Limited supplies of cuttings are occasionally available. Contact

U.S. Southeastern Fruit and Nut Laboratory, Byron, GA: See their website ( for information about this facility and to inquire about the availability of pomegranate materials. Click here to see a list of cultivars.

University of Georgia, Ponder Farm, Tifton, GA: A collection of mature, fruiting pomegranate cultivars is under evaluation at this site. Click here to see a list of the selections and for contact information.