Cultivar Selection Guide for Florida-Grown Pomegranates: Horticultural Traits [but, first, please see the Notes].], University of Florida    Query   Query      
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Selection                                       [For photos of a selection, click on the pom name] Also known as:  Origin      Yield Potential1   Fruit   Seed/Aril2   Juice3    General remarks
USDA ID4   Quantity Notes   Size5 Color   Size Color Hardness   Flavor Brix  
Afganski Russian [R] 26 Turkmenistan DPUN 071   H Good early bearing with consistent cropping   S-M Yellow-red accent   M-L Red H   Mild, slightly tart      
Alk Pust Ghermez Saveh Iran [I] 2 Iran DPUN 076 L S Yellow-Pink M Yellow M Good Fruit tear-drop shaped and squarish; thin peel
Al-sirin-nar R6 Turkmenistan DPUN 060   H++ Precocious; heavy cropping    M-L Red   L Red H   Very good; slightly tart      
Apseronski  R29 Turkmenistan DPUN 072 L Clearly lower yielding than Ap. krasnyi S-M Pink-red M-L Pearl M Different taste; good; 
Apseronski krasnyi R12 Turkmenistan DPUN 065   L-M     M Light red   L Pearl M   Mild, pleasant,       
Azadi Turkmenistan DPUN 135 H Precocious; bears consistently good crops M-L Yellow; sometimes pinkish M-L Pink tips S Sweetish, pleasant
Bala Miursal   Azerbaijan DPUN 070   L-H Young-tree cropping is variable   M Mostly pinkish   M-L Pearl H   Bland      
Boris #2 North Carolina L-M [information from a few young trees at two locations] S Yellow, pink accent M Pink tips H Tart
Christina   North Florida     M-H     M-L Yellow   M-L Dark cream H   Mild     McTeer:  Canopy and fruit less affectd by diseases
Cranberry California DPUN 086 H [rating based on only one tree] M-L Red L Red M Tart
Desertnyi   Turkmenistan DPUN 108   H     S Pinkish-red   S    S++   Slightly tart     Excellent peel and red aril colors develop by July.
Entek Habi saveh I 8 Iran DPUN 079 L Seems prone to sunburn and fruit splitting S Yellow, pink accent S Pearl M Tart Red color in peel at ends of fruit
Eve   California DPUN 044   M Precocious   M Red   L Red H   Pleasant; mild      
Eversweet Lebanon; California DPUN 050 M [information from a few young trees at one site] L Yellow L Light yellow M Mild; sweet
Gainey sweet   Cairo, GA     H Consistent cropping; precocious   M-L Mostly yellow   M-L Light yellow M   Sweet, pleasant     McTeer:  Canopy and fruit less affected by diseases
Girkanets Turkmenistan DPUN 126 H Precocious; good consistent cropping M-L Red M-L Red M Very good; sweet/tart 
Gissarskii rozovyi   Turkmenistan DPUN 107   L-H Trees very variable in cropping   M-L Yellow-pinkish   M-L Pink tips S   Very good; tart      
Granada California DPUN 279 M Trees can be variable in yield M-L Mostly pinkish M Pearl M-H Bland
Jimmy Roppe   Private home, Georgia, USA   M     M Green-yellow   M Light yellow H   Bland      
Kaim-anor R7 Azerbaijan DPUN 061 H Consistently good cropping M-L Mostly red, yellow accent M Pearl M Pleasant, mild Seeds roundish and plump like pearls
Kaj-acik-anor R9 Turkmenistan DPUN 063   L-M     M Yellow-light pink accent   M Pink M   Good; mild,; slightly tart      
Kala Bala Miursal R16 Azerbaijan DPUN 066 M-H [rating based on only one tree] L Pink M-L Red H Pleasant with some tartness
Kazake R30 Uzbekistan DPUN 073   M Consistent from tree to tree   S Yellow   M Red tips  S-M   Very good     Fruit tear-drop shaped
Kunduzski R24 Turkmenistan DPUN 069 L Cropping very poor so far on 5 year old plants S Red M Pink-Lt. red S Mild, pleasant, slightly tart
Larkin   Wewahitchka, FL     H+ Small tree; very precocious; heavy cropping   M Mostly pinkish   S Light yellow M   Pleasant like Azadi     Fruit splitting problem?
Mack Glass Private home, Marianna, FL  M [information from a few young trees at one site] M Yellow, pink accent S Pink tips H Tart, sour 
Medovyi Vahsha   Turkmenistan DPUN 109   H+ Excellent, consistent cropping   S-M Light red   M-L Red S   Mild, pleasant     Excellent peel and red aril colors develop by July.
Nikitski ranni R19 Turkmenistan DPUN 019 H Cropped well at Univ. Georgia farm, Tifton M Light red L Light pink H Good, sweet
Padgett   Private home, Perry, FL     M     M-L Yellow, pink accent   S-M Red H   Tart, sour       
Parfyanka Turkmenistan DPUN 124 L-M Consistent among plants M-L Pink S-M Red S Very good; tart
Plantation Sweet   An old Georgia plantation   M [information from a few young trees at one site] L Yellow, pink accent   M-l Red H   Tart     Propagated in the 1940s at the University of Georgia farm, Tifton
Red Silk Private, Tifton area, GA M-H [information from a few young trees at one site] M Red M Red M-H Tart and pleasant
Saartuzski R31 Turkmenistan DPUN 074   L     S-M Light orange-yellow   S-M White-lt. pink H   Tart      
Sakerdze R5 Turkmenistan DPUN 059 M- H Consistent year to year and across all plants M-L Pinkish M-L Red H Tart
Salavatski R8 Turkmenistan DPUN 062   H+ Early bearing, very strong consistent cropping   M-L Mostly yellow   M Lgiht pink M   Very good       
Shari's Medart, FL H+ Small tree; very precocious; heavy cropping S-M Mostly red, yellow accent S-M Pink tips M Tart
Shirin Pust Ghermez Saveh I 11 Iran DPUN 080   M [rating based on only a few trees]   L Pink-red   M Light red M   Mild, slightly tart      
Shirin Zigar Turkmenistan DPUN 103 L Slow to start bearing followed by light crops S-M Red M Pink tips M Bland
Sin pepe Pink Satin; Pink Ice  Chico, California     L-M     M Mostly yellow   M Light yellow S   Sweet      
Sirenevyi Turkmenistan DPUN 51 L-M Seems to come into bearing later than other cultivars; tall, upright plants M-L Yellow-orange [peach] M Red S-M Very good
Surh-anor R33; Pecos Turkmenistan DPUN 075   H+ Ex. consistent cropping with early bearing   M-L Yellow; pink accent   M Pink tips M   Sweet with slight tartness      
Sweet California DPUN 30 M-H L Yellow, pink accent M Light pink tips M Mild
Tabestani Malas Biranden Saveh I6 Iran DPUN 077   L     M Red   M Red Red   Good; slight sweetness; tart      
Vietnam Vietnam H Trees are mostly evergreen and vigorous  M-L Mostly yellow; pink accent L Light red H Mild,  Seeds have large embryo.  Plants are virtually all seedlings
Vkusnyi   Turkmenistan DPUN 117   H Bears early and very good consistent crops   L Dark red   M Dark red S-M   Very good; mild, slightly tart      
Vories Gainesville, FL M L Yellow M Light yellow H Sweet
Wonderful   California DPUN 081   L-H Potential to bear 100+ fruit by age 4 years, but may alternate bear; also, may require 3-4 years before good cropping starts to occur.   L Yellow-orange [peach]   L Red M   Very good; slightly tart      
Key to Symbols
Ex. = Excellent; H = High or Hard; Lt. = Light; L = Low; M = Medium; S = Small; Sl = Slight