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FL Pomegranate Association Presentations, September 13, 2013

Tasty Pomegranate Dishes Prepared Right Before Your Eyes
Chef David Bearl, UF/IFAS Program for Resource Efficient Communities

The California Pomegranate Industry: Trends and Production Insights
Kevin Day, Tree Fruit Advisor, University of California Extension Service, Tulare County
      A comprehensive review of the California pomegranate business including the number of acres and other statistics, canopy training and management methods, nutrition, pests and diseases, harvesting and postharvest storage as well as reference sites for additional information.

Health Benefits of Pomegranates
Jill Taufer, Registered Dietician, UF-IFAS, Volusia County Extension Service
     An excellent review of the nutritional value in pomegranates and their phytochemical and antioxidant contents along with other health benefits of the pomegranate fruit and juice; a recipe for pomegranate cooler, storage tips and other uses; and, a reference to further information about cancer and pomegranates.

Observations on Pomegranate Cultivars Growing in Central Florida
Emory McTeer, Blueberry and Pomegranate Grower, Haines City, FL
      An overview of a University of Florida pomegranate cooperator with information about cultural practices, favorite selections to date and the potential use of Dormex [hydrogen cyanamide] to assist pomegranate growers with issues related to winter chilling and flowering.

Propagating Pomegranates via Cuttings: Some Commercial Experience
Debbi Gaw, Chestnut Hill Tree Farm, Alachua, FL and Cindy Weinstein, Green Sea Farms, Zolfo Springs, FL
     A well-illustrated presentation about propagation by cuttings and the associated facilities. The presentation shows plants at various stages of the process including the size and type of cuttings used most successfully for rooting.

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