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FL Pomegranate Association Presentations, October 10, 2014

Horticulture and GMOs: Current Status and the Future
Kevin Folta, Chairman Horticultural Sciences, University of Florida
     A brief story of transgenic plants, how they are produced and
their importance in commerce today along with some insights
about the application of the concept to pomegranates.

Botryosphaeria:  A Manageable Disease in Pomegranates?
Themis Michailides, Plant Pathologist, University of California, Kearny Agr. Center
     A review of fungal problems encountered with California crops
especially Botryosphaeria on pistachio and the strategies developed
to manage those diseases.  Field trial data are presented.  The
California experience is related to pomegranates in Florida.

Growing and Marketing Pomegranates in Uruguay
Anibal Paz Marty, Consultant
     The 50-acre Uruguayan pomegranate industry was described
beginning with a review of climatic indices used to determine the
suitability of Uruguay versus central Florida for pomegranates
followed by a focus on commercial and experimental varieties
and their propagation, planting, cultural management and harvesting.

University of Florida, Pomegranate Grant:  Update
Gary Vallad, Plant Pathologist, UF/Gulf Coast Research & Education Center
     A Specialty Crop Block Grant was awarded to a group of UF
faculty members.  Work had been initiated to explore breeding
for disease resistance and to survey pests and diseases to define
existing problems. Initial results were presented.

Pomegranates in Georgia:  Update
Erick Smith, Horticulturist, University of Georgia, Tifton
    A review of the origin and lore of pomegranates. Characterization data and other information were presented on fruit from mature bearing plants with emphasis on differences among cultivars.

A Pretty Subject:  Pomegranate Flowers and Flowering
Justin Porter, Purdue University
     An excellent review of work conducted in recent years to
learn the basics of flowering in pomegranate and how the information
can be applied to farming pomegranates.

Exciting Results from the UF/CREC Pomegranate Project
Bill Castle, Horticulturist, UF/Citrus Research & Education Center
     After the propagation and distribution of about 8,000 plants to
various cooperators throughout Florida, observational data were
collected and plants rated for flowering and tree growth and condition. 
The results were presented and interpretations leading to identifying
best cultivars were offered based on consistency of observations.

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