FL Pomegranate Association Presentations, October 23, 2015

What Exactly is a Pomegranate Cultivar?
Dr. John Preece, Supervisory Research Leader, Horticulturist,
National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Davis, CA

  A story about the history of pomegranates and their propagation, the collection at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Davis, CA and the characteristics of the fruit and juice among various selections in the repository. The presentation also included information about the traits of various pomegranate selections and an analysis of their relationships [clustering] as scientists try to understand the origin of pomegranate cultivars.

The Arizona Pomegranate Story
Dr. Glenn Wright, Associate Professor and Tree Fruit Specialist,
University of Arizona – Yuma Agriculture Center

  Pomegranates, while a new commercial venture in Arizona, are an old crop dating back to the original Spanish missionaries. The commercial potential of pomegranate is under evaluation at three sites in southern Arizona. This presentation included a report on the sites, the performance of the pom plants at each site and the results to date.

Update on the UF Pomegranate Grant
Dr. Gary Vallad, Plant Pathologist, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, Balm
  Significant progress was achieved in pathology and breeding since the last annual meeting. The pesticide results are reported herein including the details about good results from controlled and field trials with an array of pesticides. The pesticide results were sufficiently encouraging to pursue certain chemicals for further study and subsequent registration for use in Florida.

Pomegranates in Georgia: An Update
Will Lovett, University of Georgia, Bacon County Extension
  The Georgia pomegranate industry centered in Alma has developed such that it now provides sufficient fruit for commercial exploration to take place. A seed extraction machine was obtained for pilot-scale operations. An update was provided along with a summary of yield data now being collected and a video clip of the extraction machine in operation.

Discoveries of an Heirloom Pomegranate Collector
Richard Bonsteel and Debbie Bice, PomNatural
  Florida's and Georgia's backyards are teeming with old pomegranate plants that have been maintained through a number of generations. Those heirloom plants range in age from 50 to 100+ years. This presentation described and gave the history of several interesting local pomegranates.