FL Pomegranate Association Annual Meeting Presentations, September 30, 2016

Updates from Pomegranate Breeding
Dr. Zhanao Deng, Professor
UF/ IFAS – Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, Balm

  Breeding populations have been established in a trial site at the GCREC.  Natural leaf spotting was assessed.  Differences among seedling populations were reported along with plant growth.

Lessons from the Citrus Industry
Dr. Megan Dewdney, Associate Professor, UF/IFAS - Citrus Research and Education Center, Lake Alfred
   A comprehensive review of various leaf and fruit diseases of citrus, their life cycles, management and development of resistance.

Pomegranate Production and Consumer Analysis
Drs. Zhengfei Guan, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, Lisa House, Food and Resource Economics, Gainesville, Feng Wu, GCREC, Balm
Mr. Armand Kapllani, FRED, Gainesville
  The purpose of the presentation was to collect production information and cost data to analyze the economic feasibility of producing pomegranates. Taste test results are presented along with the responses to a 2024-person consumer preference survey. 

Tailoring an IPM Program for Florida Pomegranates
Dr. Gary Vallad, Professor of Plant Pathology, Dr. Achala Nepal KC
UF/IFAS - Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, Balm
  The purpose of this presentation was to report the current results regarding a survey of pathogens and pests impacting pomegranate production, and to describe the latest disease management strategies leading to the conclusion:

  • At bloom applications critical for effective disease management.
  • Additional fungicides are needed to establish an appropriate rotation.
  • Field sanitation is critical to manage pathogen levels = reduce disease pressure