Citrus Extension Trade Journals 2006

Trade Journals

Hedging, topping, and skirting trees in the citrus canker era (December)
By Bob Rouse, Larry Parsons and T. Adair Wheaton
The future of the Florida citrus industry (December)
By Bob Rouse and Fritz Roka
Will Florida citrus growers take full advantage of change? (November)
By Bob Rouse and Fritz Roka
Winter production practices (November)
By Mongi Zekri, Chris Oswalt and Steve Futch
Canker and greening-lessons from South America (November)
By Bob Rouse and Fritz Roka
Ethanol: Here to stay (November)
By Larry Parsons
New IFAS website for mechanical harvesting (October)
By Barbara Hyman and Fritz Roka
Stem pitting citrus tristeza (October)
By Ron Brlansky
New production technologies for Florida citriculture (September)
By Bill Castle
Battling the evil weevil-recent advances in the war on diaprepes abbreviatus(September)
By Robin J. Stuart and Michael E. Rogers
The Future of Florida Fuel (September)
By Larry Parsons
Important fall practices and concerns in groves (August)
By M. Zekri, S. Futch and C. Oswalt
Precision technology for citrus (August)
By Reza Ehsani
To push or clip? That is the question (August)
Florida growers visit Brazil, Part II: Canker management and take-home lessons for greening and canker (August)
By Jim Graham, Holly Chamberlain and Bill Barber
Learning in Brazil-nursery and greening management (July)
By Jim Graham, Holly Chamberlain and Bill Barber
Resetting and rehabilitation of hurricane-toppled trees (July)
By Bob Rouse
Hurricane Season…Again (July)
By Larry Parsons
Footsteps: The best thing to put in your grove (June)
By Phil Stansly
Summer production practices (June)
By S.H. Futch, M. Zekri and W.C. Oswalt
The potential threat of exotic diseases to Florida citrus (June)
By K.R. Chung
Fundamentals of citrus canker management (June)
By L.W. Timmer, J.H. Graham and H.L. Chamberlain
Hurricane preparation and recovery for Florida citrus groves (May)
By Bob Rouse, Jonathan Crane and Carlos Balerdi
Water Works (May)
By Larry Parsons
Vines in Florida citrus (April)
By S.H. Futch
Crop considerations for citrus lands (April )
By S.H. Futch and B. Sellers
Management of citrus leafminer (April )
By Michael E. Rogers and Philip A. Stansly
Citrus best management practices-water and nutrient management (March)
By K.T. Morgan, B.J. Boman and H.L. Chamberlain
Managing Asian citrus psyllid populations (March)
By Philip A. Stansly and Michael E. Rogers
Time to Irrigate and Fertilize (March)
By Larry Parsons
Managing Alternaria brown spot (February)
By L.W. Timmer, R. F. Reis, S.N. Mondal and N.A. Peres
Spring production tips (February)
By S. H. Futch, M. Zekri and W. C. Oswalt
Drowning in Weeds (February)
By Mongi Zekri
Nitrogen fertilizer sources: What does the future hold for citrus producers? (January)
By Tom Obreza, Larry Parsons and Kelly Morgan
Get on board with BMPs (January)
By Brian Boman
Freeze Factors (January)
By Larry Parsons
Gaining control (January)
By Bob Rouse and Tom Obreza