Citrus Extension Trade Journals 2007

Trade Journals

Advanced production systems (December)
By Bob Rouse
Microsprinkler irrigation for cold protection of Florida citrus (December)
By L.R. Parsons and B.J. Boman
GPS/GIS technology for scouting, documenting citrus diseases (November)
By Reza Ehsani
Citrus Greening (November)
By Bob Rouse
Citrus fruit pickup machines (November)
By Reza Ehsani
Florida citrus growers, packers visit Argentina's fresh fruit operations (November)
By Mark Ritenour, Jim Graham, Ron Muraro and Harold Browning
Limonene: Multipurpose Citrus Product (November)
By Larry Parsons
Florida growers learn about greening and pests in Brazil (October)
By Mark Ritenour, Jim Graham, Ron Muraro and Harold Browning
Why grow organic? (October)
By Ryan Atwood and Timothy Spann
Citrus nursery issues: Protective structures, budwood and tree availability (October)
By Bob Rouse, Mike Kesinger and Nate Jameson
Standing Tall (October)
By Bob Rouse, Nate Jameson and Mike Kesinger
Smiting Mites (October)
By Lukasz L. Stelinski
Young tree care in the canker and greening era (September)
By Timothy M. Spann, Michael E. Rogers and James H. Graham
Advanced production systems (September)
By Pete Spyke and Bill Castle
Fuel Ethanol From Orange Peels (September)
By Larry Parsons
Mechanical Harvesting: A Trashy Business (September)
By Timothy M. Spann
New citrus production management paradigms (August)
Trimming the Fat (August)
By Bob Rouse and Steve Futch
The Root of the Problem (August)
By Jude Grosser
Mechanical harvesting-what's the cost? (July)
By Fritz Roka
Labor savings from new technologies (July)
By Fritz Roka and Reza Ehsani
Climate Change (July)
By Larry Parsons
Maximizing Weed Control in Citrus (July)
By Steve Futch
Preparing Florida groves for hurricane season (June)
By Bob Rouse
Changes to Florida citrus production systems and an economic outlook based on science (June)
By T.M. Spann and R.P. Muraro
A burning issue: Information about agricultural pile burning permits for citrus (June)
By Ryan Atwood
Field day addresses mechanical harvesting (June)
By Barbara Hyman and Fritz Roka
Do the Decon (June)
By Reza Ehsani
'Friendly fungi' killing psyllids in Florida citrus (May)
By Jason M. Meyer, Marjorie A. Hoy, Drion G. Boucias, Raghuwinder Singh and Michael E. Rogers
Water Conserv II Mid Florida Citrus Foundation's A.H. Krezdon Grove (May)
By Ryan Atwood
Producing and packing fresh citrus canker free (May)
By M.A. Ritenour, L.W. Timmer and H.L. Chamberlain
Reclaiming a Source (May)
By Larry Parsons
Feeding Frenzy (May)
By Mongi Zekri
Count 'Em Up (May)
By Reza Ehsani
Pesticide product stewardship (April)
Benefits of an abscission agent for mechanically harvested citrus (April)
By Fritz Roka and Jackie Burns
Pesticide product stewardship (April)
By Mark A. Mossler and Stephen H. Futch
Inspection, survey and diagnosis of citrus canker and greening (April)
By L.W. Timmer, H.L. Chamberlain and M. Irey
Psyllid Management (April)
By Michael E. Rogers and Philip A. Stansly
Going Wireless (April)
By Reza Ehsani
IFAS-Be cautious about guava (March)
By T.M. Spann, M.E. Rogers and L.W. Timmer
Weeds in Florida citrus-new challenges and opportunities (March)
By Steve Futch and Megh Singh
Canopy flush control for management of canker and greening (March)
Timely Irrigation Issues (March)
By Larry Parsons
Needing Separation (March)
By Fritz Roka and Jackie Burns
Citrus black spot and sweet orange scab (February)
By L. W. Timmer, N.A. Peres and J.W. Hyun
Citrus pest overview-where's IPM now? (February)
By Michael E. Rogers
Scouting for pests and beneficials in Florida citrus (February)
By Phil Stansly
You Want These Worms (February)
By Larry Duncan
Top It Off (February)
By Mongi Zekri
Why plant a model citrus grove? (January)
By Bob Rouse, Bill Castle, Kelly Morgan, Fritz Roka and Adair Wheaton
Copper, Copper, Copper. (January)
By L.W. Timmer, J.H. Graham and H.L. Chamberlain
Freeze Forecast (January)
By Larry Parsons