Citrus Extension Trade Journals 2008

Trade Journals

Incidence and management of HLB in Southern China (December)
By Chunxian Chen, Fred G. Gmitter Jr., Jiwu Zeng, Ganjun Yi, Yun Zhong and Xiuxin
Mechanical harvesting (December)
By Timothy Spann
Sprout control for clipped trees. (December)
By Stephen H. Futch
Price Predictions (December)
By Thomas H. Spreen
Grower trials, tribulations and observations: Is there a future for low-volume application for psyllid control? (November)
By Ryan Atwood and Lukasz Stelinski
Citrus grove preparations for winter (November)
Will winter bring a freeze? (November)
By Larry Parsons
Growers trials, tribulations and observations: Ten programs to manage psyllids (October)
By Tim Hurner
Managing citrus canker for the fresh fruit industry (October)
By Mark A. Rirenou, Jim Graham and Jan Narciso
Florida's Alternative Fuels (October)
By Larry Parsons
Advanced grove designs and cultural systems for Huanglongbing management-a call to action (October)
By Bill Castle, Ed Stover and Pete Spyke
Mechanical harvesting-the harvester's perspective (September)
By Timothy Spann
Grower trials, tribulations and observations: Modifying flushing patterns with hedging for better psyllid management (September)
By Reza Ehsani
Modifying flushing patterns with hedging for better psyllid management (September)
By Timothy Spann
Flooding in citrus groves (August)
By Larry Parsons, Brian Boman, Mongi Zekri and James Graham
Grove equipment safety (August)
By Ryan Atwood and Carol Lehtola
Production considerations for fall. (August)
By Ryan Atwood, Gary England, Stephen H. Futch, Tim Hurner, Chris Oswalt and Mongo Zekri
Grower Trials, tribulations and observations: Orange-Co pest manager offers psyllid survey and greening control programs (August)
By Stephen H. Futch
Top Notch Tool (August)
By Larry Parsons
A Coordinated Attack (August)
By Michael E. Rogers, Lukasz Stelinski and Phillip A. Stansly
Leaf and Soil Sampling, Testing and Interpretation (July)
By Tom Obreza, Mongi Zeki, Ed Hanlon and Arnold Schumann
Grower Trials: Controlling greening and psyllids-grower programs (July)
By Stephen H. Futch
Florida citrus preparation for 2008 hurricanes (July)
By Bob Rouse
Mechanical harvesting-the nurseryman and grower's perspective (June)
By Timothy Spann
Bioenergy and the University of Florida/IFAS (June)
By Mary Duryea and Larry Parsons
Grower Trials: Temik applications to reset trees (June)
By Stephen H. Futch
Grower Trials: Facing the facts of citrus greening/HLB (May)
By Stephen H. Futch, Mongi Zekri and Chris Oswalt
Irrigation controllers for citrus production (May)
By Tim Spann and Arnold Schumann
Considerations for use of products in management of Citrus Greening (May)
By Steve Futch and Mark Mossier
Summer production practices (May)
By Stephen H. Futch, Mongi Zekri, Chris Oswalt, Ryan Atwood and Tim Hurner
Gaining Command of OJ Demand (May)
Rebirth of the Florida citrus nursery (April)
By Tim Spann, Ryan Atwood, Phillip Rucks and James H. Graham
Grower Trials: Citrus Greening Survey Systems (April)
By Tim Hurner
Economic tradeoffs of citrus greening management (April)
By Allen Morris and ron Muraro
Management recommendations for citrus canker and windbreaks (April)
By Jim Graham, Bill Castle and Tim Spann
Mechanical Harvesting: The 2006-07 harvest season
Water Wars Influence Irrigation (April)
By Larry Parsons
Grower Trials: A grower's observations on a psyllid control spray program (March)
Ryan Atwood
Tips for fine-tuning variable rate fertilization (March)
By H.K. Hostler and Arnold Schumann
General pest management considerations (March)
By Michael Rogers
Mechanical Harvesting: The 2006-07 harvest season (March)
By Timothy M. Spann, Jacqueline K. Burns, Fritz M. Roka, Barbara R. Hyman, James P. Syvertsen, Michelle D. Danyluk and Reza Ehsani
Web-based irrigation scheduling (February)
By Kelly Morgan, Edward Hanlon and Tom Obreza
Controlling Asian Citrus Psyllids; Sparing Biological Control (February)
By Phil Stansly and Jawwad Qureshi
New flush and bloom considerations (February)
By Mongi Zekri, Stephen Futch, Chris Oswalt and Ryan Atwood
The Drought Drags On (February)
A Healthy Harvest (February)
By Mongi Zekri and Jim Syvertsen
Grower trials: Growers collectively use fixed-wing aircraft to spray Asian citrus psyllid over a wide area of citrus production (February)
By Steve Futch
What's new in UF-IFAS Citrus Nutrition Recommendations? (January)
By Thomas Obreza, Kelly Morgan and Mongi Zekri
Grower trials coming to Citrus Industry (January)
By Steve Futch
Variable rate fertilization-getting started (January)
By A.W. Schuman and H.K. Hostler