Citrus Extension Trade Journals 2009

Trade Journals

Preparation for freezes (November)
By Larry Parsons
Application of auto-steering technology for tree planting (November)
By Reza Ehsani
Food safety, good agricultural practices and California pistachios: Lessons for Florida citrus (November)
By Timothy M. Spann and Michelle D. Danyluk
All About Airblast Applications (November)
By Stephen H. Futch and Ryan Atwood
The citrus juice market and citrus juice brands (December)
By Robert A. Morris
An update on research funded by FCPRAC (December)
By Megan Dewdney
Personal Protective Equipment (December)
By Stephen H. Futch and Ryan Atwood
Smaller Crop, Better Prices (December)
By Thomas H. Spreen
The Little Boy Steps Up (December)
By Larry Parsons
Practical tips for establishing windbreaks (October)
By Bill Castle and Bob Rouse
Cooperative dormant spray program against Asian citrus psyllid in SW Florida. (October)
By Phil Stansly, Alejandro Arevalo, Mongi Zekri and Ron Hamel
Greening infection rate 1.6% (October)
By Robert A. Morris, Candice Erick and Mark Estes
Living with HLB in India. (October)
By Ron Brlansky, Megh Singh and Michael Rogers
Alternative Crops for Fuel (October)
By Larry Parsons
Pesticides and the environment. (September)
By Stephen H. Futch and Ryan Atwood
Fresh citrus issues: Proposed canker rule and MRLS (September)
By Mark Ritenour
Cooperative Producers keep greening disease under control (September)
By Megan Dewdney and Jim Graham
Monitoring Florida citrus groves for insecticide resistance in Asian citrus psyllid populations. (September)
By Dhana Raj Boina, Michael E. Rogers and Lukasz L. Stelinski
Facilitating mechanical harvesting with the abscission agent CMNP (August)
By Bob Ebel
Advanced Citrus Production Systems in Florida. (August)
By Arnold Schumann, Kelly Morgan, Bill Castle and Jim Syvertsen
Repelling Greening with Guava (August)
By Larry Parsons
Keeping Current with MRLs (August)
By Mark Ritenour
Maximizing field efficiency of farm machinery using GPS data (July)
By Reza Ehsani
What's new in sweet orange improvement? (July)
By Jude Grosser, Bill Castle, Fred Gmitter and Paul Ling
Citrus leafminer mating disruption (July)
By Lukasz Stelinski, Michael Rogers and Stephen Lapointe
Florida growers tour Brazil (July)
By Stephen H. Futch
Greening Lessons Learned from Brazil (July)
By Thomas H. Spreen
Welcome to Florida: Preparing for hurricane season (June)
By Bob Rouse
Pesticide formulations (June)
By Steven H. Futch and Ryan Atwood
Psyllid control for HLB management in Guangxi, China (June)
By Chunxian Chen, Fred G. Gmitter Jr., Mingxue Deng, Yuanhui Xiao and Guifeng Chen
The other citrus pests (June)
By Michael E. Rogers
Drought Update (June)
By Larry Parsons
Citrus greening-associated nutrient deficiency (May)
By Timothy M. Spann and Arnold W. Schumann
A citrus research jewel: the A.H. Krezdorn Grove (May)
By Ryan Atwood and Lukasz Stelinski
Citrus production and diseases in Ghana (May)
By Megan Dewdney and L.W. (Pete) Timmer
Potential use of DRIS for leaf nutrient diagnosis on Florida citrus (April)
By Arnold Schumann
Food safety for citrus growers and packers: an overview of good agricultural practices (April)
By Renee Goodrich-Schneider, Keith R. Schneider and Michelle D. Danyluk
Florida citrus nursery industry status and research and update (April)
By Timothy M. Spann
OJ Prices Getting Squeezed (April)
By Tom Spreen
Use clean budwood to cut stem-pitting risk (April)
Pest control principles and pesticide labels (March)
By Ryan Atwood and Steve Futch
Advantages from registration of an abscission product (March)
By Fritz Roka, Jackie Burns, Jim Syvertsen and Robert Ebel
Detection of greening in sprouts from citrus tree stumps (March)
By Steve Futch, Ron Brlansky, Mike Irey and Shawron Weingarten
Selecting a citrus greening scouting company (March)
By Jamie D. Yates and Timothy M. Spann
Why, when and how to monitor and manage Asian citrus psyllid (March)
By Phil Stansly, Jawwad Qureshi and Alejandro Arevalo
The 2008 International Research Conference on Huanglongbing (greening)-Reaching beyond boundaries (February)
By Harold Browning
Foliar fungal diseases-A refresher (February)
By Megan Dewdney
Technology to assist citrus growers: Variable rate pesticide technology (February)
By Arnold W. Schumann, Masound Salyani and Rezi Ehsani
Management recommendations for citrus canker in 2009 (February)
By Jim Graham and Megan Dewdney
Seeing Chinese Citrus (February)
By Larry Parsons
A step closer to abscission (February)
Economic Effects of Greening (February)
By Tom Spreen
Mid Florida Citrus Foundation's A.H. Krezdorn Grove (January)
By Ryan Atwood
Development of new tools and recommendations for psyllid management programs (January)
By Michael E. Rogers and Lukasz L. Stelinski
HLB bacterium delisted; greening research to benefit (January)
By Tim Spann
HLB scouting and interpretation of PCR results (January)
By Chris Oswalt, Timothy M. Spann and Ron H. Brlansky
South China HLB Tour and the International Citrus Congress 2008 (January)
By Timothy M. Spann, L. Gene Albrigo, James H. Graham, Megan M. Dewdney, Mark Ritenour and James P. Syvertsen