Citrus Extension Trade Journals 2010

Trade Journals

Citrus management under saline conditions (December)
By Mongi Zekri, Brian Boman and Jim Syvertsen
Important pesticide handling considerations (December)
By Stephen H. Futch and Ryan Atwood
A Memorable Freeze (December)
By Larry Parsons
Citrus black spots: lessons from Brazil (November)
By Jim Graham
Understanding citrus cold-hardiness development for making management decisions (November)
By Chris Oswalt and Timothy M. Spann
Benefits if supplemental lighting in citrus nurseries (November)
By Gur Reet Brar and Timothy M. Spann
Fewer trees = smaller citrus crops (November)
By Thomas H. Spreen
An update on the cooperative program aimed at controlling the HLB vector (October)
By Phil Stansly, Alejandro Arevalo and Mongi Zekri
Nutrient management of citrus trees on alkaline soils (October)
By Mongi Zekri, Tom Obreza and Kelly Morgan
The U.S. OJ tariff and the competitiveness of Florida growers (October)
By Allen Morris and Ronald P. Muraro
Fresh citrus issues: black spot, canker and MRLs (October)
By Mark A. Ritenour and Megan M. Dewdney
Analyzing alternative crops (October)
By Larry Parsons
For your own protection (October)
By Ryan Atwood
CMNP and mechanical harvesting (September)
By Bob Ebel, Kelly Morgan and Fritz Roka
Effects of HLB infection on sweet orange fruit size and quality (September)
By Timothy M. Spann and Michelle D. Danyluk
Why should pesticide applicators care about heat stress? (September)
By Ryan Atwood and Steve Futch
Update on advanced citrus production system research in Florida (August)
By Arnold W. Schumann, Kevin Hostler, Kirandeep Mann and Laura Waldo
Evaluating economic efficiency of APS for citrus (August)
By Fritz Roka ans Ron Muraro
Citrus stumps sprout control (August)
By Stephen H. Futch and Shawron Weingarten
Forecasting the future (August)
By Thomas H. Spreen
Foward Progress (August)
By Kelly T. Morgan
Mechanical harvesting: Overcoming obstacles and making the transition (July)
By Fritz Roka and Barbara Hyman
Effects of mineral nutrition on health and performance of citrus trees (July)
By Arnold Schumann, Tim Spann, Tim Mann, Tom Obreza and Mongi Zekri
Citrus black spot in Florida (July)
By M. M. Dewdney, N.A. Peres, M. Ritenour, T. Schubert, R. Atwood, G. England, S. H. Futch, T. Gaver, T. Hurner, C. Oswalt and M. A. Zekri
Can insecticides protect citrus from HLB infection? (July)
By Rosana H. Serikawa, Michael E. Rogers, Elaine A. Backus and Lukasz L. Stelinski
Remember Diaprepes? It's still a problem (July)
By Larry W. Duncan, Megan Dewdney and James H. Graham
Sensors and sensing technologies for disease detection (June)
By Reza Ehsani and Sindhuja Sankaran
Pesticide mixing, loading and application (June)
By Stephen H. Futch and Ryan Atwood
The HLB bibliographical database (June)
By H. Alejandro Arevalo, Aimee B. Fraulo and Phil Stansly
Accounting for greening (June)
By Robert A. Morris
Irrigation dollars and sense (June)
By Larry Parsons
Path of least resistance (June)
By and Lukasz L. Stelinski and Michael Rogers
What's new in variable rate technology? (May)
By Arnold Schumann, Kevin Hostler and Siza Tumbo
Five tips for successful insecticide resistance management (May)
By Michael E. Rogers
To glean or not to glean? Mechanical harvesting and the cost of gleaning (May)
By Fritz Roka
Feed the leaves (May)
By Mongi Zekri
Food safety: Reduce chemical hazards with good agricultural practices (April)
By Michelle D. Danyluk, Keith R. Schneider, Renee Goodrich-Schneider and Timothy M. Spann
Monitoring methods for Asian citrus psyllids (April)
By Phil Stansly, Alejandro Arevalo and Jawwad Qureshi
IFAS guidance for huanglongbing (greening) management (April)
By Timothy M. Spann, Ryan A. Atwood, Megan M. Dewdney, Robert C. Ebel, Reza Ehsani, Gary England, Steve Futch, Tim Gaver, Tim Hurner, Chris Oswalt, Michael E. Rogers, Fritz M. Roka, Mark A. Ritenour and Mongi Zekri
Citrus tree health and HLB incidence (April)
By Timothy M. Spann, Kirandeep Mann and Arnold W. Schumann
Management recommendations for citrus canker (March)
By Jim Graham and Megan Dewdney
Researchers focus on biotechnology at symposium (March)
By Fred G. Gmitter Jr.
Management factors for HLB: Sprout control and killing trees in place (March)
By Steve Futch and Gene Albrigo
Fungicide resistance: Why it happens and how it may affect you. (March)
By Megan Dewdney
Marketing methods used by growers in today's fruit market (February)
By Robert A. Morris
Fungi on my mind (February)
By Megan Dewdney
Impact of mechanical harvesting on tree health and debris (February)
By James P. Syvertsen Juan Carlos Melgar and Timothy M. Spann
Pest, disease and weed identification guide (February)
By Steve Futch and Tim Spann
Safe storage and transport of pesticide (February)
By Ryan Atwood and Steve Futch
Assessing freeze damage (February)
By Mongi Zekri
Freeze hits crops; major tree damage likely avoided (February)
By Mongi Zekri
A program to buy into (February)
By Larry Parsons
Popular mechanics (February)
By Barbara Hyman, Fritz Roka, Jim Syvertsen, Bob Ebel, Tim Spann and Reza Ehsani
Profit share (February)
By Alan w. Hodges and Mohammad Rahmani
Safety first (February)
By Robin Koestoyo
Timely irrigation issues (February)
By Larry Parsons
In the weeds (February)
By Steve Futch and Ryan Atwood
Citrus black spot. (January)
By Megan Dewdney
Exotic diseases and pests: How is UF preparing to protect Florida from the next citrus greening? (January)
By T. DeLene Beeland and Timothy M. Spann
Psyllid management update: New products, recommendations for 2010. (January)
By Michael E. Rogers and Lukasz L. Stelinski
HLB - a public health problem. (January)
By L.W. Timmer
Determining HLB infection levels using multiple survey methods (January)
By Steve Futch, Shawron Weingarten and Mike Irey