Citrus Extension Trade Journals 2011

Trade Journals

Factors affecting citrus production and quality (December)
By Mongi Zekri
Product stewardship (December)
By Stephen Futch and Tim Gaver
Freeze Warning: Don't get burned (December)
By Larry Parsons
Maintaining productivity in the presence of HLB (November)
By Arnold Schumann, Tim Spann and Bob Rouse
Winter citrus production practices (November)
By Tim Gaver, Gary England, Stephen Futch, Tim Hurner, Chris Oswalt and Mongi Zekri
The importance of maintaining root temperatures during the winter in Florida citrus nurseries (November)
By Tim Spann
Uncharted waters (November)
By Thomas H. Spreen
Living with citrus greening in Florida (October)
By Phil Stansly
Cooperative Producers: integrating best management practices for HLB (October)
By Jim Graham
Citrus production in Argentina (October)
By Stephen Futch and Ron P. Muraro
Implications of the Food Safety Modernization Act on Florida citrus (October)
By Michelle Danyluk, Renée Goodrich and Mark A. Ritenour
The promise of advanced production systems (October)
By Larry Parsons
Rules and regulations for fruit movement and handling from CBS-infected areas (September)
By Megan Dewdney, Mark Estes and Tim Schubert
Shaking the trees (September)
By Fritz Roka
Fall production considerations (August)
By Megan Dewdney, Mark Estes and Tim Schubert
Update on advanced citrus production system research (August)
By Arnold W. Schumann, Kevin Hostler, Kirandeep Mann and Laura Waldo
CMNP and mechanical harvesting of Valencias (August)
By Bob Ebel, Tim Spann and Fritz Roka
Canker control (August)
By James Graham
Goin' with the phloem (August)
By Larry Parsons
HLB transmission and disease management (July)
By K.S. Pelz-Stelinski, M.E. Rogers and R.H. Brlansky
Irrigation system maintence chlorination and acidification (July)
By Tom Obreza, Ed Hanlon and Mongi Zekri
Pomegranates in Florida (July)
By Bill Castle
Refreshed and renewed: the citrus copper application scheduler (July)
By Megan Dewdney, Clyde Fraisse, Tiago Zortea and Jamie Yates
OJ marketplace changes – implications for growers (July)
By Allen Morris
Preserving appeal (July)
By Mark A. Rirenour
The great wide open (July)
By Arnold Schumann
Foliar nutrition for HLB (June)
By Timothy M. Spann, Arnold W. Schumann, Bob Rouse and Bob Ebel
Preparing for hurricane season (June)
By Bob Rouse and Mongi Zekri
Alfred H. Krezdorn papers donated to the CREC (June)
By Bill Castle
ALION, a new herbicide for broad-spectrum weed management in Florida citrus (June)
By Stephen H. Futch and Megh Singh
Understanding pesticide formulation (June)
By Steve H. Futch and Ryan Atwood
The European orange juice, fruit juice nectar markets (June)
By Allen Morris
The demanding side of citrus (June)
By Larry Parsons
Summer citrus production practices (May)
By Mongi Zekri, Ryan Atwood, Gary England. Steve Futch, Tim Gaver, Tim Hurner and Chris Oswalt
The ABCs of SAR (May)
By Jim Graham and Gary Vallad
Importance of fertilizer spreader and sprayer calibration and maintenance (May)
By Mongi Zekri, Steve Futch and Ryan Atwood
Phytophthora damage to roots (May)
By Jim Graham, Mike Irey and John Taylor
Good sanitation practices of citrus nurseries (May)
By Timothy M. Spann and Megan M. Dewdney
Seasonal dollars and sense (May)
By Thomas H. Spreen
A healthy choice (May)
By Bob Rouse
The basics of commercial blueberry production in Florida (April)
By Jeff Williamson
Optimal grove replanting to mitigate endemic HLB (April)
By Allen Morris, Ronald P. Muraro and William S. Castle
Citrus health management areas (April)
By Michael E. Rogers
Pesticide Stewardship: your responsibility to the environment (April)
By Tim Gaver
Abandoned groves harbor psyllids, study confirms (April)
By the University of Florida-IFAS
Keep an eye on irrigation (April)
By Larry Parsons
Citrus canker management update (March)
By Jim Graham and Megan Dewdney
Leafminer control update (March)
By Lukasz Stelinsk
Use of chemical plant growth regulators: potential benefits for psyllid management (March)
By Timothy M. Spann, Antonios Tsagkarakis and Michael E. Rogers
Spring citrus production practices (February)
By Tim Gaver, Ryan Atwood, Gary England, Steve Futch, Tim Hurner, Chris Oswalt and Mongi Zekri
What to about citrus black spot (February)
By Megan Dewdney and Natalie Peres
Pest, disease and disorder ID guide (February)
By Steve Futch and Tim Spann
The label is the law (February)
By Ryan Atwood and Stephen H. Futch
Making sense of citrus econ (February)
By Larry Parsons
Wants and needs (February)
By Thomas H. Spreen
It's not too late - yet (January)
By L.W. Timmer, J.M. Bove, A.J. Ayres, R.B. Bassanezi, J. Belasque Jr., H.L. Chamberlain, W.O. Dawson, M.M. Dewdney, J.H. Graham and M. Irey
Monitoring insecticide resistance in Asian citrus psyllid populations in Florida (January)
By Siddharth Tiwari, Michael E. Rogers and Lukasz L. Stelinski
Growing Florida stone fruit as an alternative to citrus production (January)
By Mercy Olmstead and Robert Rouse
Exotic diseases (January)
By Megan Dewdney
Cool tools (January)
By William Lusher