Citrus Extension Trade Journals 2014

Trade Journals

Postbloom fruit drop: Vigilance is important for management (December)
By Megan Dewdney
New production systems to grow HLB-free fresh citrus (December)
By Barrett Gruber, Brian Boman, Arnold Schumann, Fred Gmitter, Jude Grosser and Ron Brlansky
Water and FSMA (December)
By Michelle Danyluk, Mark Ritenour, Renée Goodrich and Keith Schneider
The ultimate long-term HLB solution (November)
By Jude W. Grosser and Fred G. Gmitter, Jr.
Review of exotic citrus diseases (November)
By Megan Dewdney and Ron Brlansky
Transporting pesticides (November)
By Stephen H. Futch
Diseases in citrus nurseries and how to avoid them (November)
By Megan Dewdney and Barrett Gruber
Why I turned to citrus for the IFAS research dean (November)
By Jack Payne
Winter Citrus Production Practices (October)
By Laurie Hurner, Gary England, Steve Futch, Cami Esmel McAvoy, Chris Oswalt, Parker Platts and Mongi Zekri
Coordinated psyllid control more important than ever (October)
By Brandon M. Page and Michael E. Rogers
The HLB Bibliographic Database: a free tool for information (October)
By Pilar Vanaclocha and Philip A. Stansly
Caesar weed, bur mallow (October)
By Stephen H. Futch, David W. Hall and Brent Sellers
Carpetweed Mollugo verticillata (September)
By Stephen H. Futch, David W. Hall and Brent Sellers
Introducing the Certificate of Farm Labor Management (September)
By Fritz M. Roka and Carlene A. Thissen
UF/IFAS at Citrus Expo (September)
By Jack Payne
UF/IFAS Extension celebrates 100 years of excellence (September)
By Tom Nordlie
Recent findings in citrus blight research (September)
By Ron Brlansky and Nian Wang
HLB is here to stay (September)
By L.W. "Pete" Timmer
Resetting in citrus groves (September)
By Mongi Zekri
Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Florida citrus (September)
By Thoman H. Spreen
Update on insecticide resistance in the Asian citrus psyllid (August)
By Monique R. Coy and Lukasz L. Stelinski
Update on advanced citrus production system trials (August)
By Arnold Schumann, Brian Boman and Barrett Gruber
Restricted-use pesticide license — how to obtain and renew (August)
By Stephen H. Futch
Commercial blueberry production in Florida (August)
By Jeff Williamson
Common purslane, little hogweed, wild portulaca (Portulaca oleracea) (August)
By Stephen H. Futch, David W. Hall and Brent Sellers
Rehabilitation of HLB trees after pruning (July)
By Bob Rouse
Citrus production practices for fall (July)
By Gary England, Mongi Zekri, Steve Futch, Chris Oswalt, Cami Esmel McAvoy, Parker Platts and Laurie Hurner
Proper mixing order for citrus herbicides (July)
By Brent Sellers and Steve Futch
What can we learn from HLB survivor trees? (July)
By Nian Wang and Fred Gmitter
Citrus leprosis: understanding a re-emerging threat to citrus production (July)
By Ron Brlansky and Avijit Roy
Guineagrass, narrow leaf panicum (Panicum maximum) (July)
By Stephen H. Futch, David W. Hall and Brent Sellers
Evaluating alternatives to citrus (June)
By Sean McCoy and Robert Hochmuth
Imported parasitoids for biological control of Asian citrus psyllid (June)
By Jawwad A. Qureshi, Eric A. Rohrig, Robin J. Stuart, David G. Hall, Norman C. Leppla and Philip A. Stansly
Can Diaprepes root weevil be managed with physical barriers? (June)
By Larry Duncan
Agricultural best management practices: enrollment, implementation and requirements (June)
By Kelly Morgan, Gary England and Callie Walker
Greening's girth causing orange crush (June)
By Thoman H. Spreen
Pest management methods (May)
By Stephen H. Futch
Keeping peaches profitable (May)
By Mercy Olmstead
Citrus black spot fungicide trials (May)
By Pamela Roberts and Megan Dewdney
The Food Safety Modernization Act and the FDA Facility Registration Program (May)
By Keith R. Schneider, Renée Goodrich Schneider, Mark A. Ritenour, Michelle D. Danyluk and Susanna Richardson
Phaseybean (Macroptilium lathyroides) (May)
By Stephen H. Futch, David W. Hall and Brent Sellers
Foliar fertilization in citriculture (April)
By Mongi Zekri
Management of Asian citrus psyllid and citrus leafminer (April)
By Jawwad A. Qureshi, Lukasz L. Stelinski and Philip A. Stansly
Research progress for integrated canker management (April)
By Jim Graham, Barrett Gruber and Clive Bock
Summer citrus production practices (April)
By Mongi Zekri, Steve Futch, Chris Oswalt, Gary England, Camille Esmel McAvoy, Laurie Hurner and Parker Platts
Old trick shines new light on citrus food safety (April)
By Kevin M. Folta
CHMAs:They work and are our best tactic for Asian citrus psyllid control (March)
By Brandon Page
Fertigation for citrus trees (March)
By Mongi Zekri, Brian Boman and Tom Obreza
Grower-owned weather stations and smartphone apps for improved water management (March)
By Kelly Morgan
Heartwing sorrel, sour dock (Rumex hastatulus) (March)
By Stephen H. Futch and David W. Hall
Time is running out to save citrus crop (March)
By Thoman H. Spreen
The fungi never rest (February)
By Megan Dewdney
Citrus growers and beekeepers working together (February)
By Michael Rogers
Hazard communication standards — Globally Harmonized System (February)
By Stephen H. Futch
Chasing problems (February)
By Tacy Callies
Wild mustard (field mustard, charlock mustard) Brassica kaber (Sinapis arvensis) (February)
By Stephen H. Futch, David W. Hall and Brent Sellers
Spring citrus production practices (January)
By Stephen Futch, Mongi Zekri, Chris Oswalt, Parker Platts, Laurie Hurner and Camille Esmel McAvoy
Sicklepod (January)
By Stephen H. Futch and David W. Hall
What growers need to know about bicarbonates and root health (January)
By Jim Graham, Evan Johnson and Kelly Morgan
Importance of nutrients for citrus trees (January)
By Mongi Zekri and Tom Obreza
Update on citrus best management practices (January)
By Kelly Morgan and Gary England