Citrus Extension Trade Journals 2017

Trade Journals

Increased options for replanting (December)
By Jack Payne
Addressing claims of herbicide in orange juice (December)
By Kevin M. Folta
Plant biostimulants — snake oils or beneficial substances? (December)
By Ute Albrecht and Sarah Strauss
Understanding the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs Rule (December)
By Travis K. Chapin, Keith R. Schneider, Renée Goodrich Schneider and Michelle D. Danyluk
Come to the CREC centennial celebration (November)
By Jack Payne
Progress on engineering HLB-tolerant/resistant citrus (November)
By Manjul Dutt and Jude W. Grosser
Update on citrus undercover production systems research (November)
By Arnold Schumann, Laura Waldo, Alan Wright and Rhuanito Ferrarezi
Pruning and controlled-release fertilizer to rehabilitate HLB trees (November)
By Tripti Vashisth and Troy Gainey
Understanding pesticide application equipment (November)
By Laurie Ann Hurner
Celebrating 100 years of CREC (October)
By Jack Payne
A look at CREC leaders (October)
By Beverly James, Alec Richman, Brad Buck, Samantha Grenrock and Tom Nordlie
Greatest accomplishmentsGreatest CREC accomplishments (October)
By Tom Nordlie
Current challenges to Florida citrus (October)
By Tom Nordlie
What lies ahead for Florida citrus? (October)
By Tom Nordlie
A look back at 100 years of citrus innovation (October)
By Beverly James, Alec Richman, Brad Buck, Samantha Grenrock and Tom Nordlie
An enduring home for solving citrus challenges (September)
By Jack Payne
Harvesting charges for Florida citrus (September)
By Ariel Singerman, Marina Burani-Arouca, Stephen H. Futch and Robert Ranieri
Navigating the H-2A program (September)
By Fritz M. Roka
Retaining high-skilled harvest workers (September)
By Skyler Simnitt, Gulcan Onel and Derek Farnsworth
Citrus production in Argentina (September)
By Stephen H. Futch and Ariel Singerman
The pesticide label explained (September)
By Laurie Ann Hurner
Investing in the future of Florida's citrus industry (August)
By Jack Payne
Impact of temperature on psyllid survival (August)
By Nabil Killiny and Steve Futch
Time to get serious about trialing new scion / rootstock combinations (August)
By Jude W. Grosser and Frederick G. Gmitter
Rootstocks and HLB tolerance — another perspective (August)
By Ute Albrecht
Diverse roles of adjuvants in crop protection (August)
By Timothy Ebert and Stephen H. Futch
Artichokes: high-profit potential for Florida (August)
By Shinsuke Agehara
Decades of delivering scientific solutions (July)
By Jack Payne
Monitoring tree health using water-uptake rate (July)
By Reza Ehsani, Azadeh Alizadeh and Davie Kadyampakeni
Understanding soilmoisture sensor data (July)
By Arnold Schumann and Laura Waldo
Productive partnerships (June)
By Jack Payne
Preparing for and recovering from a hurricane (June)
By Mongi Zekri, Bob Rouse and Jonathan Crane
Managing multiple risks in a citrus farming operation (June)
By Ariel Singerman and Stephen H. Futch
Potential for commercial vanilla production in southern Florida (June)
By Alan Chambers
Driving principles still in play (May)
By Jack Payne
Controlled-release fertilizer boosts health of HLB trees (part 2) (May)
By Pete Spyke, Joby Sherrod and Jude Grosser
An update on UF/IFAS-grower citrus nutrition trials (May)
By Tripti Vashisth
Dual treatment tested for HLB trees (May)
By Monica Ozores-Hampton, Fritz Roka, Robert Rouse and Pamela Roberts
Pesticide law and license renewal (May)
By Stephen H. Futch
Writing the next chapter of the citrus story (April)
By Jack Payne
Controlled-release fertilizer boosts health of HLB trees (April)
By Pete Spyke, Joby Sherrod and Jude Grosser
Why bicarbonates matter for HLB management (April)
By Jim Graham and Kelly Morgan
Insight on improved management of HLB-affected trees (April)
By Kelly T. Morgan and Said Hamido
Biofuels: a win-win for ag producers and the planet (April)
By Kevin M. Folta
Worker Protection Standard regulation update (April)
By Laurie Ann Hurner
Citrus families are the heart of CREC (March)
By Jack Payne
Impact of the water bill on BMP implementation (March)
By Kelly Morgan
Citrus canker management for 2017 (March)
By Evan Johnson
Ground cover management can improve citrus nutrition (March)
By Christopher Vincent
Hops in the Southeast? (March)
By Kevin M. Folta
Celebrating a century of science (February)
By Jack Payne
Entomopathogenic nematodes: root weevil management tool (February)
By Larry Duncan
Controlling ACP and other pests as critical as ever (February)
By By Jawwad A. Qureshi and Philip A. Stansly
Buddha's Hand citron could play role in canker resistance breeding (February)
By By Naveen Kumar, R.C. Ebel and P.D. Roberts
High-tech ag applications on your horizon (February)
By Kevin M. Folta
How pesticides may affect the environment (February)
By Laurie Ann Hurner
Proactive problem solver (January)
By Jack Payne
Will you be ready for postbloom fruit drop? (January)
By Megan M. Dewdney
Effective and economical psyllid spray programs (January)
By Manjul Dutt, Ethan Nielsen and Jude Grosser