Dr. Arnold Schumann

Soil and Water Science

Program Emphasis

(i) to identify soil spatial variability, its causes, and impacts on the environment, citrus growth, nutrition and yield.

(ii) to develop reliable, easily measured indicators of important soil and crop factors linked to growth and yield.

(iii) to develop appropriate site-specific amendments or management options for soil improvement.

(iv) to develop and test the best irrigation and variable rate technologies (VRT) for improving fertilizer use efficiency, profitability and groundwater protection in variable citrus groves.


  • Precision Agriculture / Site-Specific Crop Management
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Agriculture
  • Crop Nutrition / Soil Fertility / Irrigation
  • Nutrient Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Near-Infrared Spectrometry, Crop and Soil Sensing
  • Computers & Electronics in Farm Automation and Efficiency

Dr. Arnold Schumann

Dr. Arnold Schumann Professor