Dr. Christopher Vincent

Dr. Christopher Vincent

  Assistant Professor
  Horticultural Sciences
  Phone: 863.956.8757
  Fax: 863.956.4631
  Email: civince@ufl.edu



Vincent, C., D.L. Rowland, C. Na, and B. Schaffer. 2016.  A high-throughput method to quantify root hair area in digital images taken in situ.  Published online by Plant & Soil August 2016.

Silva, F.H., P. Muñoz, C. Vincent, and A.P. Viana.  2015.  Generating relevant information for breeding Passiflora edulis: Genetic parameters and population structure. Euphytica.  Online. Dec. 2015. DOI: 10.1007/s10681-015-1616-8

Vincent, C., B. Schaffer, and D. Rowland.  2015.  The potential for primed acclimation in papaya (Carica papaya L.): determination of critical water deficit thresholds and physiological response variables. Scientia  Horticulturae 194:344-352.

Vincent, Christopher I., and M. Elena García.  2011.  A system of defined phenological stages for cold tolerance and development of floricane inflorescences of primocane-fruiting blackberries.  J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 65:54-60.

Vincent, Christopher I., M. Elena García, Donn T. Johnson, and Curt R. Rom.  2010.  Broad mite on primocane-fruiting blackberry in organic production in Arkansas. HortTech. 20:718-723.


2016 – Ph.D. – University of Florida – Interdisciplinary Ecology: Horticultural Science

2008 – M.S. – University of Arkansas – Horticulture: Fruit Production

2006 – B.A. – University of Arkansas – Journalism and Spanish