Dr. Joonhyuk Suh

Research Assistant Scientist
Food Science

Program Emphasis

My research program focuses on application of analytical chemistry in food science using ‘omics’ technologies (metabolomics and flavoromics). With development of analytical platforms for volatile and non-volatile metabolites (flavor and health-beneficial compounds, disease biomarkers, and so on), our group applies them to food-related research such as health benefits of fruits, citrus disease pathology, development of consumer-preferred tea products, relationship between sensory attributes and chemical composition of food, etc. Another goal of our group is to identify genetic and chemical mechanisms of bioactive compounds in citrus using ‘multi-omics’ strategy (combination of genomics/transcriptomics and metabolomics) for helping UF/IFAS citrus breeding program to develop new varieties with desirable health benefits. Extension responsibilities include work at the UF/IFAS Citrus Variety Display where participants (citrus growers and others) sample and give feedback on new varieties from the citrus breeding program.

Analytical Chemistry (Omics) and Food Chemistry

Dr. Joonhyuk Suh

Dr. Joonhyuk Suh Research Assistant Scientist