Dr. Lauren Diepenbrock's Laboratory

Current lab members

   Lauren Diepenbrock

   Research interests: Insect ecology, invasive species, and pest management in agricultural systems.

David Olabiyi   David Olabiyi
   PhD student

   Research interests: Studying insect behavior, ecology, and biological control for sustainable
   pest management

Lourdes Perez Cordero   Lourdes Perez Cordero
   MS student

   Research interests: I’m interested in insect behavior and the relationship between insects
   and the environment, humans, and other organisms.

Angela Chuang

   Angela Chuang
   Postdoctoral Researcher

   Research interests: Angela is interested in factors that influence natural enemy diversity and
   abundance in agroecosystems. She is also generally interested in broad topics within invasion
   science, behavioral ecology, and arachnology.

Eric Middleton   Eric Middleton
   Postdoctoral Researcher

   Research interests: Eric is interested in the intersection of entomology and sustainable agriculture,
   specifically how to incorporate beneficial insects with existing management practices to benefit
   food production.   

Lena Craft   Lena Craft
   Biological Scientist/Lab Manager

Ping Liu   Guoping Liu
   Technical Staff

Tracy Liesenfelt   Tracy Liesenfelt
   Technical Staff 


Diana Estrada

   Diana Estrada
   Technical Staff

Marek Harrison    Marek Harrison
   Technical Staff

Harry Anderson   Harry Anderson
   Technical Staff 

Previous Lab Members

Kristen Gaines   Kristen Gaines
   MS student

   Research interests: I’m interested in utilizing molecular techniques to identify natural enemies
   of the Lebbeck mealybug, Nipaecoccus viridis. I am also investigating how the presence of ants
   affects the diversity of natural enemies present and potentially feeding on this pest in the field. 

Peaches Mariner   Peaches Mariner
   Technical Staff

Gary Test   Gary Test
   Technical Staff