Florida Citrus Production Guide

2018-2019 Florida Citrus Production Guide

Florida Citrus Production Guide Cover


The objective of the Florida Citrus Production Guide is to assist citrus growers in the identification of pest management options and the selection of appropriate control measures. This publication should serve as a reference once it has been determined that control measures might be warranted. It is not intended to replace pesticidal product labels which contain important usage information and should be immediately accessible for reference. Violations of directions for use printed on the label are against State and Federal laws. Care should be taken to select only those treatments best suited for control of the specific pest(s) identified as requiring suppression. Products listed in all tables have been shown to be efficacious, non-phytotoxic to citrus, and relatively safe on non-target arthropods and microorganisms when used as directed. However, it is important to realize that results may not be consistent under different environmental, application, and tank mix conditions.



General Information

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L.M. Diepenbrock, M.M. Dewdney, and T. Vashisth
Useful Telephone Numbers
F. M. Fishel
Fresh Fruit Pesticide Residue Limits
M.A. Ritenour
Pesticide Resistance Management
L.M. Diepenbrock and M.M. Dewdney
Pesticide Application Technology
M. Salyani
Best Management Practices for Soil-Applied Agricultural Chemicals
J.W. Noling and L.R. Parsons
Interpreting PPE Statements on Pesticide Labels
F.M. Fishel
Quick Reference Guide to the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) as Revised in 2015
F.M. Fishel
Food Safety Requirements and Considerations for the Florida Citrus Grower
T. K. Chapin, M. D. Danyluk, R. Goodrich Schneider, K. R. Schneider, M. A. Ritenour, and T. Vashisth


Horticultural Practices 

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Rootstock and Scion Selection
U. Albrecht, F. Alferez, and M. Zekri
Grove Planning and Establishment
M. Zekri, U. Albrecht, and C. Vincent
Irrigation Management of Citrus Trees
D. Kadyampakeni, K. Morgan, M. Zekri, R. S. Ferrarezi, A. Schumann, and T. Obreza
Nutrition Management for Citrus Trees
K.T. Morgan, D.M. Kadyampakeni, M. Zekri,
A.W. Schumann, T. Vashisth, and T.A. Obreza
Fertilizer Application Methods
M. Zekri, A. Schumann, T. Vashisth, D. Kadyampakeni, K.
Morgan, B. Boman, and T. Obreza
Root Health Management
E.G. Johnson, J.H. Graham, and K.T. Morgan
Canopy Management
T. Vashisth, M. Zekri, and F.M. Alferez
Plant Growth Regulators
T. Vashisth, W.C. Oswalt, M. Zekri, F.M. Alferez, and J.D. Burrow
Citrus Cold Protection
W.C. Oswalt and T. Vashisth
Citrus Under Protective Screen (CUPS) Production Systems
A.W. Schumann, A. Singerman, A.L. Wright, and R.S. Ferrarezi


Mites, Insects & Nematodes 

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Asian Citrus Psyllid and Citrus Leafminer
P.A. Stansly, J. A. Qureshi, L.L. Stelinski, and M.E. Rogers
Rust Mites, Spider Mites, and Other Phytophagous Mites
M.E. Rogers, P.A. Stansly, and J.A. Qureshi
Soft-Bodied Insects Attacking Foliage and Fruit
P.A. Stansly, M.E. Rogers. L.L. Stelinski, J.A. Qureshi, and L.M. Diepenbrock
Plant Bugs, Chewing Insect Pests, Caribbean Fruit Fly, and Thrips
P.A. Stansly, M.E. Rogers, and L.M. Diepenbrock
Citrus Root Weevils
L.W. Duncan, M.E. Rogers,
S.H. Futch, and J.H. Graham
L.W. Duncan, J.W. Noling, and R.N. Inserra



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Huanglongbing (Citrus Greening)
M.M. Dewdney, M.E. Rogers, and R.H. Brlansky
Citrus Canker
M.M. Dewdney, E.G. Johnson, and J.H. Graham
Phytophthora Foot Rot, Crown Rot, and Root Rot
M.M. Dewdney, E.G. Johnson, and J.H. Graham
Brown Rot of Fruit
M.M. Dewdney, E.G. Johnson, and J.H. Graham
Greasy Spot
M.M. Dewdney
M.M. Dewdney
Citrus Black Spot
M.M. Dewdney, T.S. Schubert, M.R. Estes, P.D. Roberts, and N.A. Peres
Citrus Scab
M.M. Dewdney
Alternaria Brown Spot
M.M. Dewdney
Postbloom Fruit Drop
N.A. Peres and M.M. Dewdney
Exocortis, Cachexia, and Other Viroids
O. Batuman, A. Levy, and R.H. Brlansky
O. Batuman, P.D. Roberts, and R.H. Brlansky
Tristeza Decline
O. Batuman, A. Levy, M.E. Hilf, P.J. Sieburth, W.O. Dawson, and R.H. Brlansky
Decay Control of Florida Fresh Citrus
M.A. Ritenour, J. Zhang, L.M. Cano, and M.M. Dewdney



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S.H. Futch, B.A. Sellers, and R.G. Kanissery



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Pesticides Registered for Use on Florida Citrus
L.M. Diepenbrock, M.M. Dewdney, T. Vashisth, and S.H. Futch