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Employee Resources

There are many resources available to employees of the University of Florida. Below, you will find valuable information and useful links to commonly asked questions we receive. We have only expounded on a few topics, but we hope this page proves useful to help with common needs.

More in-depth information and topics can always be found at
UF Human Resources (

New Hire

Benefit Enrollment

For benefits enrollment, please see the “Enrollment” page found here: Enrollment – HR Benefits and Rewards ( Your PeopleFirst ID number can be found by following My Self Service – Benefits – PFID and Beneficiary Info.
A good contact for other benefits questions is Kathy Higgs. Her email is:

Entering In Time

For entering time, please see the “Entering Time in MyUFL” instruction page found here: Entering Time in myUFL – Finance & Accounting
For a more hands-on approach to learning the time entry system, please see the UF HR Time and Labor Toolkit link found on this page. This will take you to simulations and PDF guides on entering in your time.


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IT Assistance

ISD - University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (

Leaving Employment

Employee Exit

Employee Exit Checklist PDF

Exits for Graduate assistants, teams and post docs must include a signed letter of resignation sent to


The jumping-off point to view all retirement options can be found here: Retirement Savings – HR Benefits and Rewards (

For most employees, the “State Retirement Plans” will be the most helpful page to visit and it can be found here: State Retirement Plans – HR Benefits and Rewards (

Thinking about entering in DROP? Information can be found here: DROP – HR Benefits and Rewards (

Holiday Calendar

To learn what dates are given as holidays throughout the year, please see the “Holidays and Personal Leave Days” page found here: Holidays and Personal Leave Days – HR Benefits and Rewards ( Here, you can also find details on the closure that occurs between Christmas and New Year.

Extended Leave of Absence

To learn more about FMLA and other extended leaves, please visit: FMLA – HR Benefits and Rewards ( Whether you are leaving on parental leave, taking care of a family member, or having a personal health situation affect your availability to work, this site should provide you with the information you need.

To begin your eligibility for FMLA, please complete the Preliminary Request Form found here: FMLA Preliminary Request Form – HR Benefits and Rewards (

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is a guide for every employee and can be found here: Employee Handbook – UF Human Resources (

Employment Verification

The University of Florida uses a third party for all employment verifications.  The Work Number is the official employment and income verification tool at the University of Florida. It provides secure automated verification for current and former employees who terminated on or after January 1, 2004, and their online portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The University’s employer code is 13570.

An Employment Data Report is available to UF current and former employees instantly. The information includes most of your employment dates and income information, plus a list of each time a verifier has attempted to access some or all of your data using The Work Number. Listed below are available instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down to select your choice of employment data report: online, phone, email, or mail
  3. If you choose the online retrieval option, follow the steps below:
    Select Request Your Data
    Enter the Employer Code: 13570 and then click on the magnifying glass
    Select “University of Florida” and then “Select Employer”
  4. If you have previously created a User ID, then enter your ID followed by your password
  5. If you have not created a User ID previously, then select Forgot User ID?
    Key in your personal information and follow the prompts to verify your identity
    Follow the steps to create your personal User ID and password
  6. Once logged into your account, select “Request Instant Online Report” and follow the steps
  7. For those who need proof of income, please proceed to the next step.
  8. Click on “Prove Income to Verifiers” and then “Create a Salary Key”

More information can be found at Employment Verifications & Records – UF Human Resources (

Injured on the Job

Reporting a Workplace Injury PDF

Injury and Incident Report PDF

Wellness Resources
COVID Guidance