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Process for Hiring OPS Personnel at CREC

A new packet has been developed to use when supervisor's wish to hire new OPS personnel for their areas.  This new packet includes the following forms:

1.  A new Checklist/Tracking Document that shows each step in the process.  It includes enough detail that it should be clear how the process will flow and the requirements.  This form also will serve as the front-piece for the documentation packet that will ultimately be the file record for the employee hired.

2.  A new Position Description form which provides the basis for putting on paper the duties of the OPS employee.

3.  Other existing forms that are involved, include:

  • UF Supervisory Checklist for Adding HAMS Records form.  (Health Assessment Management Systems (HAMS) record for the USPS/A&P hiring action. HAMS was developed to ensure individuals are able to perform the essential functions as detailed in the post employment physical requirements for the job.)
  • UF OPS Employment Application
  • Experience and Education Verification form
  • Personnel Appointment form

All of the above forms are available in a complete packet on the CREC Personnel Forms page in Portable Document Format (PDF). 

In addition to the above packet, when a prospective OPS employee is approved for hire, a Letter of Offer form will be forwarded to the supervisor for signature.
Copies of the entire packet will also be available in the CREC Personnel Office. 

This process will be implemented effective immediately

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