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ISD provides support to CREC users with computer networking, information systems development, network infrastructure, and telephone support. Please use the myIT link below and have Department PI or Supervisor submit a trouble ticket!
ISD does not work on personal computers but will happy to advise!

GatorLink Creation Procedures

GatorLink Creation have changed and a new stream line process, but with specific Eligibility Requirements:

    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • UFID number
    • Qualifying Affiliation
    • New: Phone number
    • New: Personal email

You must start process via HR Office and with required information above. Please make sure you supply the correct EMAIL and CELL NUMBER so there is no delay!  Once eligible, users should receive an invitation with instructions within 5 min.

Technical Requirements:  Access to the phone and email listed!  

Click Here for more information.

LAN Request Procedures

For UFAD Resource here at CREC a LAN REQUEST FORM MUST BE COMPLETED and checked by Lab Supervisor and Emailed to HR. Have PI Submit MYIT Ticket Indicating Lab Drive Access need!

Click Here for the Lan Request Form.

A UF Email will be created automatically which will be your GatorLink ID. If you’re a current or future student, UF policy does not allow current Student email for work purposes due to laws protecting student privacy!  ISD will create a new email in the following format for work!
A faculty can opt out, but will not be able to access any information student email per HIPPA laws!

UF Cyber Self Defense Class Available For Faculty, Staff, and Visitors

Lets Help Protect ourselves, it is recommended that all Faculty, Staff, and Visitors take the course to protect against new evasive treats hitting the cyber world that can compromise your identity both at work and at home. Click Here for more information.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device laptop) are allowed per lab basis at CREC but can only be used via UF-WIFI and to access UF resources via IFAS VMware.

Check with your PI to make sure they will allow it; in most cases they will supply a UFAD machine. This may only apply to visiting scholars and scientists.  
To get access to UFAD resources here at CREC with your own Device (Laptop) you must first ensure the laptop has the latest updates and is Virus Free!!  Follow instruction on How section: of our page under How tell if your computer show symptoms of Malware. Once your machine is clean, send a MyIT ticket and attach print screen of the results of your scan.
Beware, without the steps provided, Gainesville could block access to your device. Keep in mind ISD does not work on personal computer but will advise steps to be performed on your own.  
To access printers and lab drives, use the VM supplied by UF by downloading the VM client for Mac and Windows at When it asks for server name use: The VM will allow you to connect to printers, lab drives, office products, and use a few apps included, but will not allow you to install application.
Non UFAD computer will not be allowed to be connect to via network cable, your machine will be blocked immediately!!
WIFI issue should be reported via MY IT Ticket with the building & room number. Just remember to keep your machine up to date which should include Windows Updates, Antivirus, Adobe, and JAVA or Gainesville will block your access!

System Alerts

IT Alerts Dashboard

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Click Here to Submit a Request

In case the myIT link does not work, please follow these instructions.

After Hours support, EMAIL and PASSWORD reset contact below! 

If you forgot or need to change your Password, select appropriate selection at MyUFL login Authentication window options will be Change and Forgot Password. For this option to work you must have an updated Cell phone so you can receive verification text. If you have not updated your information please call Helpdesk number below!

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