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UF/IFAS Citrus Research

UF/IFAS Citrus Research

Maintaining Yields in Existing Groves

Discover Horticultural Practices, Pest Managment, and Disease Managment.


Irrigation Managment of Citurs Trees  D.M. Kadyampakeni, K.T. Morgan, M. Zekri, R.S. Ferrarezi, A.W. Schumann and T.A. Obreza 


Nutrition Management for Citrus Trees  K.T. Morgan, D.M. Kadyampakeni, M. Zekri,  A.W. Schumann, T. Vashisth and T.A. Obreza 
Plant Growth Regulators T. Vashisth, W.C. Oswalt, M. Zekri, F.M. Alferez and J.D. Burrow 

Root Health

Root Health Management  E.G. Johnson, J.H. Graham, K.T. Morgan and C.I. Vincent 

Canopy Management

Canopy Management  T. Vashisth, M. Zekri, F.M. Alferez 
Pesticides Registered for Use on Florida Citrus  M.E. Rogers, M.M. Dewdney, T. Vashisth and S.H. Futch 

Check back for more information on pesticides including border sprays, kaolin, windbreaks ,and AMA wide control.

HLB treatment

Huanglongbing (Citrus Greening)  M.M. Dewdney, M.E. Rogers, and R.H. Brlansky