Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide, 4th Edition

New, Updated 4th Edition

The 4th edition has updated literature review articles, 3 new rootstocks(US Super Sours 1, 2 and 3), updated info about the UFR Series in the Rootstock Data Table, additional authors and contributors, and a new section with the History of the FLCRSG.

The revised FLCRSG is also available as an Interactive Web version called Expert System. This system emulates a human expert by systematically sorting information you provide, then determining the best possible recommendation for the given rootstock. The FLCRSG system will use the traits about the rootstocks, and utilize data that can provide facts that you tell it to deduce the best recommendations for your circumstance. The Expert System will ask you a series of questions about your location, horticultural needs and pest management requirements. It will compare across all the rootstocks for those that rate highest on the most traits, then provide you a list of its top five recommendations.

Link to Expert System

How the Expert System Works

Rootstock Data Table

This data table is a convenient, easy-to-use reference to 21 characteristics of 48 rootstocks.

Printable, Revised EDIS publication

The document #SP248 (Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide, 4th Edition, by Drs. Castle, Bowman, Grosser, Ferrarezi, Futch, and Rogers) is an extension publication of the Horticultural Sciences Department, UF/IFAS Extension.


Over 100 peer-reviewed publications about citrus rootstocks (mainly from Florida’s research and extension system).

UF Rootstock Field Data

For additional information, visit the UF/IFAS CREC website, Plant Improvement Rootstock Field Data, where the results of individual trials are presented.


30 years of the Florida Rootstock Selection Guide.


These individuals developed or contributed to the rootstock selection guide.

USDA Rootstock Field Data

This site is dedicated to providing information to citrus growers, nurseries, and researchers about the citrus rootstocks that are a critical component for a healthy citrus tree.

Project sponsors

CRDF nifa-usda

This work is supported by the Citrus Research and Development Foundation Inc., CRDF project 18-13 and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA-NIFA-CDRE project 2018-70016-27453.