A. Yes, that is to be expected. The ratings are general by necessity. As a result, there will always be observations and experiences from the field that do not match the chart ratings. To help improve the website, please share your observations using our FEEDBACK page. By doing so, we can share your experiences with others. [August,2019]
A. Virtually all of the recently released rootstocks only became available in 2014 or 2015. Some of the rootstocks were released earlier, but have only been under investigation in Florida for a few years. Thus, seeds are generally in limited supply for all of these rootstocks. Furthermore, all the University of Florida rootstocks [UFR] are either patented or a U.S. Plant Patent has been applied for and their release is more controlled. However, tissue culture options are increasing which means that more plants may be produced faster in the future. [August, 2019]
A. Yes. The updated guide and accompanying notes were first made available online through the University of Florida, IFAS site called EDIS or Electronic Data Information Source. That release was followed by this site with an interactive version of the rootstock table than can be customized and printed. [August 2019]