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UF/IFAS Citrus Research

UF/IFAS Citrus Research


Throughout UF/IFAS, our faculty are engaged in multi-disciplinary research covering many different lines of research needed to provide both short-term solutions to living with HLB, and long-term research that will provide the sustainable solutions needed to manage HLB more effectively. Below are some brief highlights of some of the ongoing HLB-related research projects being conducted by the faculty of UF/IFAS. Check back periodically as we add new project summaries and updated results of ongoing studies!

Economics of High-density citrus plantings in Florida Dr. Ariel Singerman (Download PDF)

Economics of Area-Wide Pest Management

Dr. Ariel Singerman (Download PDF)
Grower willingness to adopt genetically-modified citrus Dr. Ariel Singerman (Download PDF)
Grove Management Practices    
Use of plant biostimulants to improve health of HLB-affected trees Drs. Ute Albrecht and Sarah Strauss (Download PDF)
Evaluation of the effect of Homobrassinolides on HLB in Citrus Dr. Fernando Alferez (Download PDF)
Evaluation of Individual Protective Covers (IPC) on young trees Dr. Fernando Alferez (Download PDF)

New methods to reduce Preharvest Fruit Drop

Dr. Fernando Alferez (Download PDF)
Develop UAV tools for evaluation of HLB infected trees in the field Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis (Download PDF)
Evaluate CUPS efficacy for HLB protection in young grapefruit trees Dr. Rhuanito Ferrarezi (Download PDF)
Effects of glyphosate on health and yield of HLB-affected citrus trees Dr. Ramdas Kanissery (Download PDF)
Citrus Under Protective Screen (CUPS) Dr. Arnold Schumann (Download PDF)

Effect of soil pH on health of HLB-affected trees

Dr. Tripti Vashisth (Download PDF)
Effects of pruning and controlled release fertilizer on HLB-affected trees Dr. Tripti Vashisth (Download PDF)
Strategies to synchronize bloom of HLB-affected trees Dr. Tripti Vashisth (Download PDF)
Managing HLB-associated fruit drop Dr. Tripti Vashisth (Download PDF)
Systemic movement of foliar-applied agrochemicals in citrus trees Dr. Christopher Vincent (Download PDF)
New Variety Development    
Identifying HLB tolerance in citrus rootstock varieties Dr. Ute Albrecht (Download PDF)
Identifying markers for disease tolerance in young citrus trees Dr. Ute Albrecht (Download PDF)
Comparison of nursery trees propagated by tissue culture vs seed Dr. Ute Albrecht (Download PDF)
Improving seed production and availability of major citrus rootstocks by
determining seed viability during maturation and storage
Dr. Fernando Alferez (Download PDF)
Develop transgenic and gene edited citrus resistant to HLB Dr. Bill Dawson (Download PDF)
Developing engineered HLB tolerant citrus rootstocks and scions Dr. Manjul Dutt (Download PDF)
Accelerated production of citrus nursery trees using automated
ebb-and-flow subirrigation
Dr. Rhuanito Ferrarezi (Download PDF)
Produce new citrus plants that tolerate, or are resistant to, HLB Dr. Fred Gmitter (Download PDF)
Understanding the genetic control of mechanisms underlying tolerance of
HLB in certain citrus varieties
Dr. Fred Gmitter (Download PDF)
Development of new citrus genome sequence resources Dr. Fred Gmitter (Download PDF)
‘Gauntlet’ rootstock screening for HLB Tolerance/Resistance Dr. Jude Grosser (Download PDF)
Biotechnology-facilitated conventional breeding of HLB tolerant
commercial scions
Dr. Jude Grosser (Download PDF)
Creating citrus varieties resistant or tolerant to HLB Dr. Zhonglin Mou (Download PDF)
Generating non-transgenic HLB resistant citrus using CRISPR Dr. Nian Wang (Download PDF)
Nutrient and Water Management    
Management of Root nutritional needs Dr. Fernando Alferez (Download PDF)
Grapefruit nutrition, irrigation and cultural practices Dr. Rhuanito Ferrarezi (Download PDF)
Performance of capacitance sensors to monitor soil moisture and electrical
conductivity in sandy soils for precise water and fertilizer management
Dr. Rhuanito Ferrarezi (Download PDF)
Determine the plant water uptake of citrus trees grafted on multiple
rootstocks propagated by different methods
Dr. Rhuanito Ferrarezi (Download PDF)
Enhanced CRF root nutrition to maximize HLB tolerance Dr. Jude Grosser (Download PDF)
Effect of irrigation rate on HLB-affected citrus Dr. Davie Kadyampakeni (Download PDF)
Improving nutrient management of HLB-affected citrus Dr. Davie Kadyampakeni (Download PDF)
Effect of foliar micronutrient application of HLB-affected sweet orange Dr. Kelly Morgan (Download PDF)
Managing bicarbonate stress on HLB-affected citrus trees Dr. Kelly Morgan (Download PDF)
Micronutrient and controlled release fertilizer effects on
HLB-affected trees
Dr. Tripti Vashisth (Download PDF)
Identification of ideal suite of nutrients to promote citrus health Dr. Alan Wright (Download PDF)
Pathogen (Clas) Biology and Management    
Heat therapy for HLB-infected citrus trees Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis (Download PDF))
Identification of antimicrobial compounds to suppress or kill Clas
in citrus plants
Dr. Ozgur Batuman (Download PDF)
Use of plant extracts to manage HLB disease Dr. Liliana Cano (Download PDF)
Identify antimicrobial peptides expressed by CTV to reduce
Clas in citrus
Dr. Bill Dawson (Download PDF))
Determine if steam-based thermotherapy is a viable management
option for HLB
Drs. Megan Dewdney and Evan Johnson (Download PDF)
HLB movement within the plant and effect on phloem physiology
and transport
Dr. Ed Etxeberria (Download PDF)
New laser technology for ultra rapid detection of HLB and enhanced
application of agrochemicals
Dr. Ed Etxeberria (Download PDF)
Evaluate antibiotic efficacy for HLB protection in young orange trees Dr. Rhuanito Ferrarezi (Download PDF)
Develop Zinc oxide based nanoparticles for systemic movement in citrus
trees and management of HLB
Drs. Evan Johnson and
Megan Dewdney
(Download PDF)
Understanding the interaction between psyllids, citrus and the HLB
Dr. Nabil Killiny (Download PDF)
Understanding the movement of HLB bacteria inside the plant and
insect vector
Dr. Amit Levy (Download PDF)
Culturing Liberibacter provides new insights for HLB control in the field Dr. Eric Triplett (Download PDF)
Effectiveness of trunk injection of bactericides for HLB management Dr. Nian Wang (Download PDF)
Post-Harvest Practices    
Development of pre- and postharvest methods to reduce HLB- induced
decay and peel disorders
Dr. Mark Ritenour (Download PDF)
Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) Management    
Identifying novel viruses for biocontrol of ACP Dr. Ozgur Batuman (Download PDF)
Identification of Bt toxins active against ACP Dr. Bryony Bonning (Download PDF)
Identify and optimize additional ACP-active Bt toxins that suppress ACP
populations and develop delivery approaches for citrus
Dr. Bryony Bonning (Download PDF)
Use of CTV to express RNAi to control psyllids Dr. Bill Dawson (Download PDF)
Asian citrus psyllid IPM programs Dr. Lauren Diepenbrock (Download PDF)
Reduce Las transmission in citrus using antimicrobial agents, antisense
technologies, and manipulation of psyllid microbiota
Dr. Kirsten Pelz-Stelinski (Download PDF)
Development of a psyllid management plan for organic citrus Dr. Jawwad Qureshi (Download PDF)
Evaluate the use of Tamarixia radiata in organic and conventional
programs for managing Asian citrus psyllid
Dr. Jawwad Qureshi (Download PDF)
Asian citrus psyllid management Dr. Phil Stansly (Download PDF)
Understanding movement patterns of ACP Dr. Lukasz Stelinski (Download PDF)
Insecticide resistance management for ACP Dr. Lukasz Stelinski (Download PDF)
Effects of grove architecture on ACP populations Dr. Lukasz Stelinski (Download PDF)
Improving psyllid management with kaolin particle films and
synchronization of leaf flushes
Dr. Christopher Vincent (Download PDF)
Root Health Management    
Development of a noninvasive root mapping technology Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis (Download PDF)
Interaction of Diaprepes and HLB on citrus root health Dr. Larry Duncan (Download PDF)
Using cover crops to reduce sting nematode to improve root health of
HLB affected trees
Dr. Larry Duncan (Download PDF)
Soil pH effects on control of Diaprepes using nematodes Dr. Larry Duncan (Download PDF)
Understanding the effects of HLB on citrus roots and interactions with
soilborne pathogens
Dr. Evan Johnson (Download PDF)
HLB-affected citrus root biology Dr. Lorenzo Rossi (Download PDF)
Impact of citrus rootstock and propagation method on root microbial
Dr. Sarah Strauss (Download PDF)
Biological soil crusts in agriculture Dr. Sarah Strauss (Download PDF)