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UF/IFAS Citrus Research

UF/IFAS Citrus Research

2019 Citrus Expo – August 14-15, 2019 North Ft. Myers, FL
UF/IFAS Citrus Educational Sessions

Wednesday, August 14 (afternoon session)

There’s amazing (science) inside Florida OJ! [PDF]

Use of LB8-9 Sugar Belle® juice in OJ processing [PDF]

Bigger is not always better: Large-scale rootstock evaluations on Ridge and Flat [PDF]

Structural roots and HLB: Implications for young tree management [PDF]

Can we do anything about fruit drop? [PDF]

HLB-affected citrus response to frequent irrigation and varied fertilization in Central Florida [PDF]

Effect of irrigation water acidification and soil pH on citrus nutrient availability [PDF]

Planting densities, fertilization methods and irrigation systems for sweet orange production in the Indian River District [PDF]

What is in the box? [PDF]

Thursday, August 15 (morning session)

Citrus black spot inoculum in the canopy [PDF]

Possible IPM approaches to pest management under HLB. [PDF]

Bt toxins for suppression of the Asian citrus psyllid [PDF]

Can RNA interference technology contribute to controlling Asian citrus psyllid in Florida? [PDF]

Lebbeck mealybug, a new pest management challenge in Florida citrus [PDF]

An Update on UF/IFAS CREC Citrus Scion Varieties [PDF]

The economics of mesh bags for protecting young citrus trees [PDF]

Growing young citrus trees under individual protective covers: What we know after 18 months [PDF]

The economics of mesh bags for protecting young citrus trees [PDF]

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