Dr. Manjul Dutt

Research Assistant Scientist
Horticultural Sciences

Program Emphasis

Our research is primarily focused on citrus improvement.

Citrus cell cultures and seedling derived epicotyl explants are being utilized for the genetic improvement of commercially important citrus cultivars. Novel engineered citrus lines are being produced for:

1. Disease management (primarily Huanglongbing and Citrus Canker)
2. Insect management (Asian Citrus Psyllid, Citrus Burrowing Nematode and Diaprepes)
3. Regulation of Flowering (Juvenility reduction)
4. Biofortification (Increase in fruit anthocyanin content)

Conventional breeding methods as well as somatic cell fusion techniques are been used to produce a sizeable population of Citrus x Microcitrus hybrids (2x, 3x and 4x). Trees are being evaluated for tolerance to Huanglongbing. We are also evaluating the rootstock and nutritional requirements for Microcitrus cultivation (primarily Finger Limes) under the central Florida conditions. Results from this research should help Florida growers assess the Finger Lime as a viable addition to their citrus portfolio.

Manjul Dutt

Dr. Manjul Dutt Research Assistant Scientist