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UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center

UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center

Research Symposium

The UF/IFAS CREC Research Symposium is an annual event to showcase research by our graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, biological scientists, and visiting scholars. This is a time for our community to become acquainted with ongoing research activities across the multitude of specialties represented at the CREC. The symposium also provides an opportunity for developing presentation skills while networking with colleagues across disciplines. The chance to receive constructive feedback from peers and mentors is a fundamental component of this event.

The 12th Annual UF/IFAS CREC Research Symposium will be held on Friday, April 5, 2024 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Refreshments will be provided.



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Limited to the first 50 abstract submissions. 



  • March 15, 2024: Abstract submission deadline
  • March 22, 2024: Poster file submission deadline
  • April 5, 2024: UF/IFAS CREC Research Symposium, Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstracts must be in Times New Roman font, 12 point, single spaced.
  • Only Microsoft Word files or the equivalent will be accepted. PDFs will not be accepted.
  • Title
    • All letters should be bold and capitalized.
    • Character count maximum including spaces: 100 characters.
  • Author list
    • Presenter’s name should be bold and underlined.
    • Additional authors should be listed with both first and last name only (no association is needed).
    • Event organizers reserve the right to abbreviate author list for space in printed program.
  • Presenter information
    • Department name (please select from the following list)
      • Entomology and Nematology
      • Food and Resource Economics
      • Food Science and Human Nutrition
      • Horticultural Sciences
      • Microbiology and Cell Science
      • Plant Pathology
      • Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences
    • Position (ex. Master’s student, Ph.D. student, etc.)
    • Advisor’s name
  • Abstract
    • Single paragraph
    • Fully justified
    • Character count maximum including spaces: 2,000 characters.
  • Please use sample abstract as a guide.
  • Changes cannot be made to an abstract after the submission deadline.

Photo Guidelines

  • A professional headshot will be required during abstract submission. 
  • No selfies.
  • No distracting backgrounds.
  • If you do not have a professional headshot, please contact Tonya Weeks at to schedule an appointment. There is no charge to CREC faculty, staff, students, and postdocs for headshots. 

Poster Guidelines

  • Posters must be 30 inches wide by 44 inches tall.  By using your UF login, you may use the pre-made template on BioRender
  • You can also find a helpful guide for how to create an effective research poster here.
  • Poster must be submitted by the deadline. If a poster is received after the deadline, the poster will be printed in the order it was received. 
  • Once the poster file is received, the poster will be printed and hung for the participant. 
  • Posters for the CREC Research Symposium will be printed at no charge to participants and their advisor/supervisor. 


Each poster will be judged based on the following criteria, worth 5 points each:

  • Title informative, succinct, correlates with poster            
  • Presentation correlates with abstract                     
  • Introduction and background with pertinent literature cited             
  • Objectives clearly stated and concise                         
  • Materials and methods (study design) clear and concise            
  • Results and discussion clear, concise, and accurate                 
  • Significance of results to field of study                    
  • Logical order, minimum redundancy                    
  • Effective use of space; smooth transitions between sections             
  • Legible with large fonts, color contrast, no conflicting backgrounds    
  • Text with no grammatical errors; not excessively wordy            
  • Effective use of figures and/or tables, coordinated with text       


Awards will be given in the following categories.

  • Master’s Students (1st – 3rd)
  • Ph.D. Students (1st – 3rd)
  • Postdoctoral Researchers (1st – 3rd)
  • Technical (Biological Scientists, Visiting Scholars, etc.) (1st – 3rd) 

2024 Awards

Master's Graduate Students
  • 1st place – Lei Xu 
  • 2nd place – Sankara Ganesh 
  • 3rd place – Cyrus Januarie
2024 symposium winners Masters
PH.D. Graduate Students
  • 1st place – Zahra Torkaman
  • 2nd place – Mary Sutton
  • 3rd place – Javier Dalmendray
2024 symposium winners PHD
  • 1st place – Meryam Manzoor
  • 2nd place – Diane Bright
  • 3rd place – Taylor Livingston
2024 symposium winners Technical
Postdoctoral Researchers
  • 1st place – Sheetal Ramekar
  • 2nd place – Hossein Ghoveisi
  • 3rd place – Poulami (Pol) Sarkar

2024 symposium winners Postdoctoral

2023 Awards

Master's Graduate Students
  • 1st place – Laura Cano
  • 2nd place – LaTaunya Tillman
  • 3rd place – Trishna Tiwari
PH.D. Graduate Students
  • 1st place – Jamie Burrow
  • 2nd place – Erica W. Carter
  • 3rd place – Eva L. Mulandesa
Research Symposium 2023
Postdoc Winners
  • 1st place – Hana Lee
  • 2nd place – Jinpyo An
  • 3rd place – Angela Chuang (not pictured)

2022 Awards

Graduate Students
  • 1st place – Mary Sutton
  • 2nd place – Shankar Shrestha
  • 3rd place – Erica W. Carter
Postdoc Winners
  • 1st place – Angela Chuang
  • 2nd place – Eric Middleton
  • 3rd place – Xiaokang Zhuo

UF/IFAS CREC Research Symposium - winners 2022

2021 Awards

Graduate Students
  • 1st place – Binita Shrestha
  • 2nd place – Blessing Chukwuaja
  • 3rd place – Erik Roldan
Postdoc Winners
  • 1st place – Dayse Pulici
  • 2nd place – Angela Chuang
  • 3rd place – Place Surendra Neupane

2019 Awards

Graduate Students
  • 1st place – Collin Lewis-Solomon
  • 2nd place – Samuel Kwakye
  • 3rd place – Naweena Thapa
Postdoc Winners
  • 1st place – Sheng-Yen Wu
  • 2nd place – Sylvia Bonilla
  • 3rd place – Jeane Dayse Pulici
First Time Presenter Poster
  • Sadikshya Sharma

Posters and Pastries Winners 2019