CREC History Header

  • 1917 Legally established by action of the Florida Legislature

CREC Timeline


  • 1935 Dr. A.F. Camp was appointed Horticulturist in charge of the CES
  • 1945 The Packinghouse Research Building was constructed
  • 1948 The Administrative building was occupied.

CREC 1948

  • 1957 Dr. Herman J. Reitz appointed Horticulturist in charge of CES
  • 1958 Entomology building
  • 1966 Extension faculty appointed to CES
  • 1969 The Biochemistry building was dedicated
  • 1982 Dr. Walter J. Kender appointed Director of AREC
  • 1982 Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall dedicated
  • 1983 The Laboratory/Administrative Building was occupied
  • 1986 Student dormitory constructed.
  • 1997 Dr. Harold Browning appointed Director of CREC
  • 1997 The Environmental Quality Laboratory was built
  • 1998 The Asian citrus psyllid (the vector for HLB; citrus greening) is first reported in Florida
  • 2000 CREC hosts the International Society of Citriculture
  • 2001 Dr. Arnold Schumann began to measure and map water-related soil properties using a Geonics EM38 unit
  • 2002 Citrus canker education programs launched
  • 2004 Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeane ravaged Florida, leaving billions in damage and many changes to be made
  • 2005 On May 24, the sweet orange is designated as Florida's official state fruit
  • 2005 In August, the first report of HLB-affected citrus trees confirmed in Miami-Dade County
  • 2006 USDA announces a halt to the citrus canker eradication program
  • 2007 Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMA) program is launched to help combat HLB
  • 2009 Dr. Jackie Burns becomes CREC interim Director after the retirement of Dr. Harold Browning
  • 2009 CREC releases citrus cultivar, LB-89 (Sugar Belle®)
  • 2010 Citrus black spot first reported in Florida
  • 2011 Dr. Jackie Burns named CREC center director
  • 2013 Citrus Under Protected Structure (CUPS) was constructed
  • 2013 FAST TRACK cultivar release program launches
  • 2014 Dr. Michael Rogers becomes interim Director after Dr. Jackie Burns is appointed Dean for Research in Gainesville
  • 2015 Dr. Michael Rogers appointed director
  • 2017 CREC celebrates 100 year anniversary
  • 2017 Hurricane Irma devastates Florida citrus industry
  • 2017 New student dorm completed and opened in October