Courses Offered at CREC

CREC Courses

PMA 5205 Citrus Pest Management Lecture 3 S (odd years) Duncan
ENY 6821 Insect Microbiology Online 3 S Pelz-Stelinski
PLP 5115C Citrus Pathology Lecture 3 F (odd years) Nabil Killiny
HOS 6545 Advanced Citriculture I Lecture 3 F (odd years) Christopher Vincent


PMA 5205 -- Citrus Pest Management
(3) PrereqENY 3005 or equivalent.  Arthropod and nematode pests of citrus.  Ecological principles of host and pest community relationships.  Pest identification, biology, and interactions with citrus.  Pest monitoring, diagnosis, and management. Contact: Dr. Larry Duncan (

ENY 6821 -- Insect Microbiology
(3) Insect Microbiology ENY 6821 will cover the diverse associations that exist between insects and microorganisms. These associations include mutualistic relationships, commensalism, vector biology, and insect - pathogen interactions. Contact: Dr . Kirsten Pelz - Stelinski (

PLP 5115C -- Citrus Pathology
(3) Prereq:  PLP 3002C.  Symptoms, disease cycles, and control measures for major citrus diseases; emphasis on diagnosis using biological, chemical, and biochemical techniques. Contact: Dr. Nabil Killiny (

HOS 6545 – Advanced Citriculture I
(3) This course should provide you with an understanding of the biological and ecological processes involved in citrus production, with consideration of economic factors. (