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HOS 6545 Advanced Citriculture I


Instructor: Christopher Vincent

Office: Building 7103 #21 - Citrus Research and Education Center Phone: 863-956-8757


Office Hours: by appointment Course description: 3 credits. Description:

This course should provide you with an understanding of the biological and ecological processes involved in citrus production, with consideration of economic factors. Upon completion of the course you should:

  • Understand the major challenges facing citrus producers
  • Have an understanding of citrus crops’ unique biological characteristics and Florida’s unique ecological characteristics, and their importance in
  • Have sufficient knowledge of management to make recommendations regarding basic management decisions, and be able to find relevant and trustworthy information for advanced management decisions.
  • This course is delivered online through asynchronous modules.


Class will consist of lectures that can be viewed asynchrounously. Topical discussion among students will be online based on weekly reading and lecture assignments.

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